Therefore in this religion, this is what comes first for a wise bhikkhu - guarding of the senses, contentment, and discipline in accordance with the rules of the Order. He should cultivate friends of good character, of pure behaviour and resolute. He should be friendly in his manner, and well-behaved. As a result he will experience great joy, and put an end to suffering. ,

AppArmor Profile Repositories

This is a collection of AppArmor profiles has contributed by members of the Ubuntu Community and is intended to promote learning and, more importantly, use of AppArmor.

For an overview of AppArmor on Ubuntu see: Introduction to AppArmor

Disclaimer: This collection of AppArmor profiles intended as a reference or guide. As such, there is no guarantee these profiles will work for you or prevent security breaches.

While you are welcome to copy, distribute, and/or use them as is, it is best if you learn from them as you learn to generate your own profiles.

If you are interested in contributing, please send me a message on the Ubuntu Forums and I will add your profiles as well.