10 Best Cartoon Maker to Pitch Business With Video Presentation

Business video presentations are used for brand awareness and business development. Professionals make business presentations through alluring visuals and graphics to demonstrate their products and services. To display a brand’s description and specifications, people use animation makers. Through these tools, professionals craft animated videos to explain features creatively and pleasingly.

Just by adding animated characters and logos, your business video presentation can get prominence and appreciation. In this article, we will discuss the best cartoon makers that you can use in your business video presentations.

Doratoon & SOOMUS

Doratoon is a cost-effective animation maker that uses artificial intelligence for drawing and making customized graphics. This platform is a perfect place for exploring various animation effects that you can add to your business video presentations. Text is the most used element in video presentations; therefore, Doratoon manages to add dynamics to your typography to increase engagement with your audience.

The following points represent some explicit key features of this tool that makes it the best animation maker in the market:

  • Numerous Templates: The user is provided with multiple options of templates to select from. These templates are also divided by categories, which makes selection diverse.
  • Animated Characters: Set up animated characters of your choice with built-in characters and customize their movements to make them interactive.
  • AI Intelligent Drawing: The AI-based drawing tool designs pictures out of hand-drawn sketches and pre-created photos, making the complete procedure easier to execute.

Once done with creating an animated video, it’s time to record your business video presentation through SOOMUS. By using Doratoon and SOOMUS, you can add a human touch to your business video presentations. You can enhance your communication skills by changing various presentation modes and backgrounds according to your choice.

Go through the following features to get to know why SOOMUS is considered the best option for setting up the video presentation:

  • Presentation Modes: SOOMUS offers four different presentation modes to the users according to their type.
  • Background Options: Users can change the background of their presentation to make it look professional and better. SOOMUS offers in-built samples and also allows users to upload their personal ideas.
  • Pointer: Annotate any part of your presentation with the Pointer tool offered across the platform.

By smartly taking advantage of Doratoon, you can grab multiple opportunities by developing your business projects in an organized and attractive way.


Visme is an efficient animation presenter containing numerous animation elements and transitions. If you don’t want to create a customized animated video, you can simply use the by-default transitions and effects to make the presentation.

Through their slide transitions, you can manage the time delay and appearance of texts and characters. Moreover, you can adjust the style of animations such as fading in, pop out, fly from left, fly from right, etc. You can also see the animation timeline to know how much time your presentation will take.


Genially is another capable cartoon maker that comprises tons of animation designs and templates for crafting a video presentation. The animation effects that you will use through this software will be continuous throughout the presentation.

There are 15 style options for slide transitions, along with a huge range of colors and text styles. To save time, you can add slide transitions to all your animated slides at the same time. Also, other customizable options are changing backgrounds and adding vibrant themes.


For 2D animation for your business projects, Wideo is an efficient software through which you can edit and create several animation videos. This software has pre-made templates of animated characters and videos along with a drag/drop option. By dragging and dropping your favorite template, your business video presentation will have a flawless touch.

After making your business video presentation, you can import or share the file to online platforms like YouTube and Facebook with just a few clicks.


If you want to give a dynamic impression to your business video presentation, Blender can create 3D animation. This software was developed by VFX experts and professional animators to produce superior output results. By adding animated characters and objects to your video presentation, you can amplify their visuals by using textured brushes and 3D painting. Also, it gives a finishing touch by rendering the output result in high quality.

Furthermore, for realistic results, this tool has UV features that can be used in modeling and sculpting animated characters.


If your focus is more inclined towards business marketing strategies, Topexplainers is a competent option. This software is specially designed to make business video presentations in a well-structured manner. The interface of Topexplainers allows users to create videos through 50% of animation technology and 50% of business marketing strategies.

Through this platform, you can construct convincing and engaging business videos to attract maximum customers. The produced results from this animation maker have experienced 65% more engagement from the users.


OpenToonz is compatible with Windows, Linus, and Mac for designing 2D animation videos. This tool is free to use for profit-oriented purposes such as business marketing and launching your brand. You can draw digital tools by using vector and bitmap tools. It has a wide range of color patterns and shades that you can use in the drawings.

In case you are adding video footage in your presentation, you can combine animation with the video file for motion tracking. Also, you can add different climatic effects such as rain and dust in your animated video.

Pencil2D Animation

This animation maker has been made for beginners and non-professionals as it has an extremely simple and friendly user interface. You can take instructions from their tutorials and guidelines to draw 2D animation for business presentations. Moreover, you can import any format of audio or image file and can use them in your presentation. To create a vintage look, you can add distortion to the animated objects using their effects.

Through this free animation software, you can manage the frame rates of the video to make it more appealing and realistic. It also has toolbar customization that can edit and enhance the video presentations in an uncomplicated way.

Synfig Studio

This open-source cartoon maker is used widely among professional animators to design realistic visuals. In their animation controls, it has a bone system that can construct natural and realistic movements. Professionals use their advanced features such as connecting parameters for layers and designing dynamic structures. Users use bitmap images in this platform to build cutout animation for more high-quality results.

It has a distinct feature called the skeleton distortion layer that animators use in complex deformation. To use this professional software, you can watch their given tutorials to begin smoothly.

Toontastic 3D

This cartoon maker goes well with every Android and iOS device. Toontastic 3D can create animated characters and objects either from scratch or by editing the uploaded image. You can promote your business through interesting storytelling to captivate viewers throughout your video presentation. You can add background music or narration to capture more attention.

This animation maker also has pre-made animated scenes that you can easily apply in your presentations. For best results, use all the features smartly.


Animation video can entirely change the perspective and direction of your business video presentations. Instead of using old-school methods to promote your business, you should definitely try some potential cartoon maker to design your video presentations in a captivating way.

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