10 Graphic Tees You Have to Check Out

Graphic tees have always been a great item to use to express your unique personality. You can find graphic tees that either feature your favorite people or characters or subtly reference them. Wearing these graphic tees is an easy way to start conversations and find other people that enjoy the same types of things.

Must-Have Graphic Tees

Here is a list of some must-have shirts for TV and Movie fans.

  1. The Catalina Wine Mixer

Any fan of the classic comedy movie Step Brothers will have to have this shirt. Wearing this graphic tee is a great way to find people that share your sense of humor. Because any true fan of this movie will not be able to see this shirt without quoting the movie out loud.

  • I Wet My Plants

This is a great pun shirt. It is especially great for anyone that loves gardening or has several house plants. You are guaranteed to get a lot of giggles and a few compliments every time you wear this graphic tee out in public. 

  • Little Nero’s Pizza

If you are like most people and love the movie Home Alone, this is a perfect t-shirt for you. Only true fans of the 90s classic will catch the record and they will likely tell you to “keep the change, ya filthy animal”. 

  • Vaccines Cause Adults

What better way to show that you believe in science and its benefits than to wear a graphic tee that clearly expressed that opinion. This shirt will either cause confusion or compliments from everyone who reads it. You will love the conversations that will come from wearing this graphic tee out into the world. 

  • JJ’s Diner

Leslie Knope has made everyone aware of how great the waffles are at this famous Pawnee landmark. You will love this graphic tee and its subtle reference to, arguably the best sitcom of all times, Park and Rec. When you wear this tee you will quickly find your tribe and probably want to set up a Galentine’s party with them.

  • Carole Baskin’s Sardine Oil

Tiger King introduced us to the craziness that is Carole Baskin and the mysterious disappearance of her ex-husband. Many believe that she is responsible for his disappearance and or death. This graphic tee is designed to reference a crazy statement made by Carole in the documentary.

  • No Soup For You

Any fan of the long-running sitcom Sinfield remembers the Soup Nazi and this famous line. This classic episode features the Soup Nazi getting upset with several members of the cast and refusing to let them order soup anymore.  

  • Buffalo Bill’s Rubbing Lotion

This is a great choice for anyone that loves the movie Silence of The Lamb. Buffalo Bill is one of the most iconic serial killers in cinematic history and this shirt is a great call back to him. When you are wearing this graphic tee don’t be shocked if someone offers to “ give you the hose again”. 

  • “That’s What” – She

If you are a Michael Scott fan, this shirt will be a must-have. All fans of The Office and of course every teenage boy on the planet loves a good that’s what she said joke. This graphic tee is sure to create some uniques interactions. 

  1. Lightsaber Rainbow

This shirt is a great way to show your pride and your love of star wars all year round. This shirt features a lightsaber in every color of the rainbow and will make a great addition to anyone’s graphic tee collection.

Feel Free to Express Yourself

Purchase all the graphic tees you love and feel free to express yourself every day. Wear what makes you smile and you will always feel confident. These shirts will all lead to fun interactions when you wear them and you may even make a new friend or two.

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