February 19, 2020
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Disney’s Live Action Will Not Feature as Mushu, Let’s talk about the reason!

The upcoming live-action Mulan will not feature the talking dragon Mushu that was set to release on 27 March. Mulan is the latest in Disney’s long live-action remarks with the original animated features of 1988.

Mulan is the story of Fa Mulan to identify herself as a man to take the place of her sickly father in the war against the Huns. He becomes a brave fighter and forms a courageous and cunning warrior.

The grandmother of Mulan help Mulan and send her Mushu, the family’s dragon which is the voice of Eddie Murphy.

Basically, Mushu gives comic relief throughout the film. He provides the fake order for Mulan and other recruits to follow the army into the mountains. Mushu fires rocket which defeats Shan Yu, and it’s the major antagonist of the film.

Disney features made him a fan favourite character that would make the transition into the live-action adaptation of Mulan.

Why Mulan will not Feature as Mushu

Niki Caro revealed that Mushu would not appear in the remark. Moreover, he said we can appreciate that Mushu is irreplaceable. All this he said to New Zealander during the footage.

Some Disney movies have an animal companion to the protagonist, such as Ariel is the best friend of fishy and Abu, a loyal monkey in Aladdin.

There are creative characters in the movie who are the spiritual representation of the ancestors and most importantly, Mulan’s relationship with her father.

A phoenix is observed in the Mulan trailer that could be a new version of Mushu.

 There is a dragon which is representative of the masculine, and the phoenix is the feminine. Hope so all the story will go in appreciate way.

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