February 19, 2020
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Lucifer Season 5: Devil to rule hell or go back to his love?

Lucifer Season 5 is currently under production. Netflix’s preparing for the blasting finale of the devlicious season. It will be highly inflaming to watch our devil altering his fate to get back his love, Chloe.

Sadistically, with the beginning of this new decade, our most favorite and top-notch series of the previous decade will reach its conclusion. Yes, the fifth season of Lucifer will lead the series to its end.

Burning Questions About Lucifer Season 5

All we are excited yet is to know whether Lucifer will choose to stay in hell or go back on earth to be with his love, Chloe. Moreover, we want to know do the paths of Dan and Ella are meant to cross forever or their kiss was a mistake solely?
On the other hand, we want to know what will be the future of Amanadiel and Linda’s half-angel baby? Is there something big hidden for us in the box? Wait, have you ever thought about Eve and Maze? Verily, we all want something spicy and far better for Maze.

Will Dan, Ella, and Trixie will ever get to know about the reality of Lucifer? Most importantly, will Lucifer manage to get back to Earth for Chloe?

What’s Gonna Happen in the Lucifer Season 5?

The answers to all of the questions raised above will be given in Lucifer Season 5. As per the expectations, Lucifer will get back to his love Chloe. Dan and Ella will choose to be with each other. Anyhow, it is hard to speculate about Maze and Eve’s future. Probably, Eve will forget Lucifer and move on with Maze.

On the other hand, if we talk about the half celestial being, the baby of Amanadiel and Linda then we can speculate that he will play a significant role in twisting the finale of the series.

However, at this point, we can not say that what’s actually gonna happen. All we can speculate about the ending of Lucifer is that GOD has planned something far bigger than his expectations. The father he hates the most will surely twist his life and bring unexpected turns to make him follow his angelic essence.

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