3 Key Factors That Impact App Rankings In The iOS App Store

The world of app development is progressing faster than ever. Newer apps are being developed quicker than people are using them. The bottom line is clear, the market is steeply competitive. Needless to say, the apps must be ranked well, otherwise, they can fade away amidst competition. So, the app store rankings are vital to its growth.

The reason one would create an app has primarily two reasons attached to it. They are attracting the maximum number of users to the app, and earning the maximum possible revenue through various processes like in-app purchases, advertisements, CPI campaigns, and more.

The choice for most app developers who have a considerable amount of money to spend is an advertisement. The cost, however, runs into thousands of dollars if a developer wants to rank the app high through ads. If there is a lack of funds, there is no reason to be disheartened. Also, there are organic ways too, to rank the app high.

But there are always a few factors that affect the growth of your app. These factors can help it achieve a high ranking in the app store. Let us talk about three such factors that impact the app rankings in Apple App Store.

  1. Keywords

Keywords are universally critical for any kind of organic growth over the internet today. They are the appropriate search words or phrases that help your product or app, in this case, to rank. For ASO (App Store Optimization), keywords are the primary factor and the most crucial factor. There are a lot of keywords that may be relevant to your app. You should find those keywords which have a good search volume along with low competition. There are many keyword analysis tools available in the market today. Some of the best tools are free to use. You can use those tools to understand which keywords are most appropriate for your product. You can further use some more free-to-use resources to understand the trends for these keywords. Once you have the keywords ready, you can take a step further and research related keywords. When using the keywords in the Apple App store, you get 100 characters. Don’t waste any character and use it to the fullest. Don’t use spaces to separate keywords. Use commas instead. If possible, try keeping your keywords to the shortest possible.

  1. Visuals

Now that you have the keywords ready to get the customers and app users to your app, you will also need to keep the visuals appealing. By visuals, we mean a lot of things like the app logo, the screenshots of the app, the introductory videos, and even the website of your app. The visuals do the job of establishing the brand for your app. The screenshots of the app will attract the attention of your users. They will be attracted to your app even more if you give short descriptions of the screenshots. The screenshots should always be of high resolution with sufficient details. The logo is critical to the success of any brand, so you should invest in designing an apt one. The last but critical thing is a short and effective introductory video about your app. This video will let your users understand the functionality of your app and invoke interest in them.

  1. Off-page factors

There are primarily two factors that impact the ranking. The first factor is the number of downloads, and the second factor is the ratings and reviews that the app receives. Neither of these factors can be controlled by you. However, there are a few things that you can do to gain the maximum out of these two factors. You can use your social circle to ask everyone to download your app and give an honest review. You can ask bloggers and reviewers to review your app or blog about it. Get yourself invited to as many social events or exhibitions that you can and advertise your app

If you can optimize your app by these three factors, you can definitely help it climb the search rankings to the higher echelons of the Apple App Store without spending anything on advertising.

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