4 Laundry Reminders New Moms Should Remember

Being a new mom is no joke! You have to tackle different new things out of your scope, but you still ace it anyway because you want your newborn to be safe and happy. One best example is doing its laundry. To tell you frankly, laundering baby garments are all about being delicate about it.

Baby laundry can be a tiring and time-consuming task. Unlike regular clothes that you can bring to the laundry shop near you, baby clothes are too delicate. You have to laundry it yourself, or hire a maid to help you out with the chores.

The following reminders stated below will help get your laundry routine smooth and established before your newborn even comes home and will take you through getting ready all your baby’s clothes to pass down to the following sibling. Here are the reminders:

1. Prepare Baby Clothes Before the Newborn Comes

It is a must to wash newly bought or given baby clothes before they are even worn. Most infant garments are sprayed with formaldehyde (which is very unsafe for your newborn) before they are shipped to make sure they look new and unwrinkled when displayed in a mall. A baby’s skin is way too sensitive and soaks in so much of what it touches, and you certainly do want that to happen.

Keep in mind, in addition to washing your new baby clothes before they are even worn. You should also wash anything that will have physical contacts with the baby’s skin, such as toys, bedding, shirts of the parentals, and blankets. 

2. Remove Stains Immediately

A great new mom reminder! Stains can become bacteria if not treated as soon as possible. Yes, pureed vegetables and fruits, Cerelac, lotions, baby powder, and baby ointments will be your newest best friends in the laundry room. 

Immediately rinse the stained baby clothing in cold water. It will help prevent the stain from setting in deeper to the meshing of the fabric. After that, you can then soak your baby’s garment in a laundry pre-treater.

3. Baby Poop Clean Up

Excuses for those who are eating! To be perfectly candid, you will experience diaper malfunctions all the time. And baby poop gives zero fun to deal with — especially when it is caked into the baby’s shorts. 

Fill your washer with water and add a few amounts of laundry detergent (baby safe) of your choice, and half a cup of color-safe bleach to the solution. Next, soak it for half an hour and then finish filling your water with warm water settings. Repeat the washing process as many times as possible, and do not transfer it to the drier until you reach satisfactory results.

4. Preparing One Size Larger for your Baby and Keep Outgrown Clothes

Those dainty little fingers of your baby will now last for a long time. “They grew up so fast.” is way too true and accurate. As a new mom, you must prepare a larger size for your baby. Consequently, you can keep all the outgrown clothes in clean storage for the next baby!

Final Thoughts

A baby is always a blessing! And as a new mom, you always want to do your best just to provide for any needs of your newborn child. Knowing all these reminders is a great step forward to responsible parenthood.

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