5 Compelling SEO Techniques to Help Small Businesses Compete with Bigger Brands

Sydney is considered as one of the world’s most competitive markets. The capital of the eastern Australian state of New South Wales got the recognition of being one of the top cities in the world in terms of economy. Multinational corporations choose to settle their headquarters in the city due to its strategic location and time zone, where they can catch the closing business hours in North America and the opening of the businesses in European countries. 

Due to the challenging economic market, small businesses will find it hard to compete with big companies that already have the advantage of a wide brand reputation. But they can still have a fair chance of making it big with the help of search engine optimisation (SEO). According to OMG SEO, Sydney, enhancing the brand’s search engine rankings is one of the initial steps in improving the digital marketing strategy of any business. 

Here are several techniques that SEO agencies can do to help an emerging company compete with the bigger brands: 

Technique #1: Look For a Niche and Abide by it

Plenty of small businesses and their websites usually concentrate on a wide range of products and services. It may cause them to lose focus and minimise their chances of beating the bigger brands. It can be avoided if these businesses can select particular niche products and specialties. 

For example, a startup plumbing company with limited resources will have more chances to succeed if they focus on residential plumbing services instead of advertising for multiple plumbing services online. It will allow them to get higher visibility in search engines. 

Technique #2: Take Advantage of Long-tail Keywords

By definition, long-tail keywords are more specific and longer keywords that online users normally use when they are looking for specific items or queries online. Most of the time, long-tail keywords consist of the name of locations plus specific products or services. It will require the company to sacrifice volume since they need to focus on generic short keywords that usually capture the attention of the target audience.  

But the search engine results pages (SERPs) for generic keywords are often crowded and occupied by the major industry players. On the other hand, the SERPs for long-tail keywords may not be as competitive, which means that they can have better chances of dominating the search engines using those keywords.  

Technique #3: Concentrate on Local SEO

Emerging businesses and websites usually have a wide advantage over larger brands in terms of local SEO. This type of SEO is often location-specific, which means it targets a particular place where the target market usually resides. 

According to expert companies OMG SEO, Sydney, local SEO consultants work by spending time to get to know the brand and the market that it wants to penetrate. The specialists often use the information that they gathered to come up with a compelling and honest SEO strategy. Local SEO also helps small businesses get listed on Google My Business, the free online tool that allows businesses to manage their presence online across Google’s ecosystem. Learn more about effective seo strategies by enrolling in a free seo basics course now!

Technique #4: SEO Helps Obtain More Business Referrals

If the SEO company managed to get the small business’s website to rank higher in SERPs, the site could get more attention from the target market. But a hidden benefit that businesses can get from this is the attention of complementary businesses. These are brands that do not directly compete with small businesses. As a result, they can also get the attention of the audience that frequently visits the website of the complementary business. 

For example, the company is offering pet grooming and supplies. Those who visit its website may also frequent veterinary services websites. It could allow small businesses to have bigger chances to compete with bigger companies that have loyal followers. 

Technique #5: SEO Agencies Can Make The Site Become More User-friendly

SEO agencies do not only create appropriate keywords or build backlinks from relevant websites. Instead, they can also help the users find sites with the highest user experience (UX). 

Google wants to provide users with the best-looking websites that load fast. Because of this, companies would want to make sure that their websites are well developed with the best navigation and compelling user interface. Users would prefer browsing through the sites of small businesses with better layout and loading rates compared to the sites of major companies with a scattered layout and longer loading time.  

These techniques can allow small businesses to go against the corporate giants, particularly in the online market. With the help of best free press release sites and effective SEO strategies, the emerging companies will have better chances of getting a significant slice in the consumer market. 

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