5 Dead After Tornadoes Hit Louisiana

The residents of the south will be awakened this Tuesday morning by the damage left by a series of deadly tornadoes, CNN meteorologist Michael Guy said that more than one million people in Alabama are on tornado alert until 5 am ET.

According to CNN information tornadoes that destroyed parts of Louisiana and Mississippi and killed at least three people are part of a larger storm system that accumulates snow and ice in the Midwest and Eastern United States.

In downtown Mississippi, a school district canceled the school on Tuesday before the anticipated conditions. “Due to the inability to properly assess schools and roads tonight after bad weather, ,” the district said in a statement, the news media said.all schools in the Laurel School District will be closed

Damage in Laurel, Mississippi. Tornadoes are expected to calm down early Tuesday morning and become a “straight-line wind event” that will continue in Alabama and Georgia, Guy said. “The main threat is damaging winds, although a brief / accelerated tornado cannot be ruled out,” the Atlanta weather service said.

In Alabama , a severe storm alert warned of damaging winds with up to 96 km / h until Tuesday morning. Meanwhile, another part of the storm will make morning trips more difficult to the north of the country.

In the south: deadly storms cross the roofs and knock down the trees. Citing the news media, more than two dozen tornadoes in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama left homes, churches and many other damaged buildings, authorities said:

A 59-year-old woman in Vernon died when a tornado destroyed her mobile home, said the Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office. The office also said that “a considerable number of trees and power lines” fell. The roofs flew from the houses and several people were trapped in their homes, said the chief detective of the Beauregard Sheriff’s Office, Jared Morton , told WNW, a CNN affiliate.

In Lawrence County , Alabama, a couple died when a tornado passed, Town Creek chief sheriff Jerry Garrett said at a press conference Monday night. A 7-year-old boy was found injured near the couple and taken to the hospital, Garrett said.

And in Columbia , Mississippi, the police chief said several people were injured when a tornado occurred. Although the official figures are unknown, at least a dozen deaths from the storm system that has millions on alert.

In Edwards, Mississippi, residents were in darkness on Monday night when storms swept through the area. Paul Harkins , 911 director of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office , said about 60 homes and a church were damaged.

The National Weather Service said that “heavy snowfall and possible ice will continue to ravage the areas of the Ohio Valley to the northeast and New England … until Tuesday.” Parts of the northeast, including the areas of New York and around Boston, may See up to 15.2 centimeters of snow for Wednesday, he said.

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