5 Easy Ways to Improve Conference Call Quality

Today more than ever, conference calls are a necessity for many businesses and organizations across the world. Such increased use has seen many people strive to find ways to improve the quality of each call.

Typically, high-quality conference calls make it possible to exchange crucial information with your colleagues, partners, or suppliers. So what tips can you implement to upgrade the quality of every call you make?

Speak Directly into the Microphone

For every conference call you make, the microphone is one of the most crucial components to note. Without it, it becomes hard to communicate with others effectively.

So check your microphone before you engage the audio conference call services and sit directly before it to communicate well. Avoid turning your head or moving around because it’ll interfere with the sound.

However, ensure you sit a short distance from the microphone to avoid instances of clipping. In this case, the best option is to have the microphone a few inches from your face and speak in your normal voice.

All Ambient Noise Level must be Low

The room you opt to host conference calls in determines its overall success. Always strive to use a room with sturdy thick walls that won’t permit outside interference.

If you can hear the noises from the other room or outside, so can the people in your conference call. So strive to keep all ambient noise levels low throughout the call.

At the same time, check all sources of noise inside the room and shut them down. For instance, turn off the TV or radio and keep your phone on silent.

Understand the Technology

Audio conference call services are diverse, but that shouldn’t dissuade you from making the calls. All you need is to learn the technology and keep practicing.

Before you make your first call, learn about the numerous conferencing tools at your disposal. Getting the hang of it in advance makes it possible to participate in the call with others actively.

Apart from the tools, get familiar with the many video conferencing service providers and pick the right one for you.

Have a Strong Connection

Imagine being in the middle of a call, and your screen freezes as you try to get your point across. It often happens due to poor connections that make it impossible to host successful calls.

Usually, the quality of a video conference call is determined by the internet connection in your area. Also, a poor WIFI signal or an overworked processor can be a big problem. So take the necessary steps to get a better connection before making the call.

Exercise the Mute Button

At times you could be making noise that interferes with the other person without knowing it. For instance, tapping your pen can be disruptive. One way to avoid this is to use the mute button whenever another person is speaking.

Bottom Line

A successful conference call means you need to have better microphone techniques while cutting out ambient noise. Additionally, learn the technology in advance, get a stronger internet connection, and use your mute button when not speaking.

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