5 Important Categories of Medical Supplies

Are you looking to buy medical items? In 2019, Australia spent almost 82 billion Australian dollars on health services and products. If you’re shopping for your hospital, clinic, or nursing home, you need to know the different kinds of medical supplies out there; that helps you pick things that are right for you or your location. These are the main kinds of medical products you should know:

  1. Medical Supplies

Doctors and people who are sick use these things a lot during the day. Some items they use are:



Sodium Chloride


Tongue Depressors

You can also choose from smaller groups within the main category. For instance, you’ve got tongue depressors made of wood and some made of plastic. Many things do essentially the same job–but there could be some small things that are different about them.

  • Wound Care

In this group, there’s items like bandages, gauze pads, and stitches; these are pretty important for repairing cuts and keeping them from getting worse. Plus, if someone gets hurt, they can wrap bandages around the cuts themselves.

However, in the case of others like sutures, medical professionals must be ones who apply them due to the specialised knowledge required to use them.

  • Personal Care

This category includes various options like moisturisers, hand sanitisers, and hand wash solutions. Studies show that about 4% of Australians have long-term skin conditions.

Staying healthy and clean is really key today since COVID-19 is spreading. People need to be really careful with how they keep themselves clean. Being clean helps fight off germs and can make you overall healthier, plus it lowers the risk of catching other sicknesses as well.

  • Daily Living Aids

This category includes various items, including:

Hydration Bottles

Mobility Walker


Medication Management

Shower Chairs

These items are part of regular activities people do, like eating, taking medicine, and getting around; they can really help out people dealing with various health issues.

Some things are really useful because they make everyday tasks simpler for people with long-term illnesses or when it’s hard for them to get around. When you use these things, your normal tasks don’t seem as hard to do; this is great for making people feel better and healthier, especially when they’re struggling with big health issues.

  • Medical Equipment

These items are somewhat different from other supplies since they’re tools required for different medical functions. They include:

Blood pressure

Diagnostic equipment

Ketone tests



These things basically work the same way as regular items we use to help sick people get better; they aren’t exactly the same, though. Sometimes, these things are pricier than the normal items. Even so, spending more might actually be okay because they do help patients a lot with their health.

It’s estimated the Australian market for medical equipment is worth over AUD6.3 billion (2018), according to Statista. These are major investments that can help healthcare providers offer improved services. Thus, hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions are willing to invest in such equipment.

When you’re picking out medical items, there’s several things you can browse. You’ve got things for taking care to yourself, items that help you every day; and things for dealing with cuts or injuries. All those choices are there to make people better and healthier.

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