5 Safety Tips for a Winter Road trip in Your Luxury RV

The thought of getting to travel any road you want with your luxury rv is pretty indescribable.

Having the freedom to literally go anywhere at any time is something that most people never get to experience—and you are now about to thanks to having a home on wheels.

There has been a rise in demand for luxury RV travel since the pandemic hits, as it literally ticks every single box of what most travelers are in need of—a safe and private space for the family to be together, minimal risk of the trip getting cancelled and the ability to beat the crowds and find a remote location to holiday.

But investing in traveling with a luxury RV also comes with a range of safety tips that you will want to keep in mind. The last thing you want to happen is for your road trip to come to an abrupt stop because of a simple mishap that could have actually been avoided. And this is especially true when it comes to taking road trips in the winter, where the weather is a little less forgiving and there are more natural hazards to be aware of.

So to ensure that you are able to venture down any road in your luxury RV this winter, we have rounded up the top five safety tips so that you can have maximum fun and minimal issues on your winter road trip.

1. Bring a heater

You will want to make sure that you have a workable heater in your luxury RV this winter. That is because one of the most dangerous hazards for your health is to end up sleeping in an environment that feels like an icebox and triggers an unwanted cold or other winter illness. This is a super easy safety tip to abide by though, as all you need to do is make sure to pack a portable heater that fits within the space of your luxury RV. While your RV is likely already built with insulation and to keep in as much heat as possible, the extra portable heater will ensure that everything stays nice and cozy, nothing freezes and you wake up feeling great on your winter adventure.

2. Look after your pipes

If your luxury RV has a kitchen with a sink, then you will want to make sure that your pipes do not freeze overnight on a winter road trip. If this happens, you can actually risk one of the pipes bursting and your RV actually flooding. But don’t worry just yet, as an easy hack to ensure that your pipes don’t freeze in frigid temperatures overnight is to keep your faucet on overnight so that water is constantly moving throughout the pipes. Or, if you want to be water conscious, you can also invest in heat tape to apply around your water hose. The tape will ensure that the hose or pipe remains warm by being plugged into a nearby power source.

3. Check the road conditions and your tires

Before you actually hit the road for your winter adventure, make sure to check the weather forecast of the direction you are heading in. Especially if you are planning on going to the mountains, keep in mind that the weather can change in a matter of seconds. You will also want to see if your RV will need snow chains on the tires—and if they are designed to even handle them, to begin with. And if you are feeling a bit apprehensive about the winter road conditions, consider taking a different path to a different location instead. The beauty of traveling by luxury RV is that you can change your plans in a simple and stress-free way.

4. Drive at slower speeds

If you are traveling this winter to a location where the roads are known for black ice, take your time and drive extra slow. There is no need to rush the journey and the slower speeds will help you feel more in control of the vehicle. Try to avoid slamming on the brakes quickly and ensure that you keep a safe distance from other vehicles. And of course, don’t forget to turn your low beams on if you do end up driving through snow.

5. Consider heading to warmer locations

If you are new to driving RVs, you should consider making your first few road trips this winter to locations that have less harsh weather conditions. Driving in winter storms is hard enough in normal cars, let alone an RV. There are plenty of beautiful locations to visit this winter that won’t cause you to get stressed on the road.

So when traveling this winter in your RV, play it safe and follow these five tips.

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