5 Signs That a Man Is Not Cheating On You

“All men cheat” is a popular myth. In reality, fidelity does not depend on gender or heredity but is determined by the conditions of upbringing and the choice of a particular person in a certain time period. And no matter what public opinion says, loyal men are not so rare.

Each couple has a period of absolute, unquestionable fidelity. This is that romantic stretch of impetuous amorousness when thoughts and feelings are so fixed on one person that the psyche is simply not able to invest interest in someone else. And it can be said for sure that at this moment, all men are faithful. But as time goes on, the initial strong feelings lose their brightness, there is a decrease in the emotional response to the usual stimulus, and absolute fixation on the partner, and therefore loyalty, are no longer so unconditional and obvious. It can be well-preserved if a man is characterized by:

  1. Full involvement in relationships

Even after “descending” from the peak of sexual activity, a man is still involved in domestic cares and participates in all matters that are important for a woman. He is therethrough foul and fair, in sickness and in health. That is, the man continues to emotionally invest in the beloved woman, seeks to interact with her, takes interest in her affairs, and is satisfied with intimate relationships or works to improve them.

  • Fundamental fidelity

There is a category of men for whom cheating is taboo in their internal moral code. “I don’t want to cheat” is the moral stance they live with. They are true to their principles even when dealing with extremely gorgeous ladies such as pretty Ukrainian women for marriage. There are few such men, but they still exist, and they consciously choose loyalty as the basic value in a relationship. They do not want to break themselves, changing their own principles, so they do not have affairs by their own choice.

  • Self-realization model “Family man”

These men are easily recognizable by their friends – as a rule, they are all marrieds and have trust-based relations. The “Family Man” model is usually chosen by men as a way of self-realization even before they started a family. Therefore, having achieved what they want, these guys do everything for this particular model to flourish. And loyalty is the key to success in such a matter.

  • Maturity and the ability to reason the consequences

This is a category of men with a high degree of personal maturity. They understand that they will have to pay the price for impulsive actions: pleasure is momentary, and the consequences are long-term. They know how to weigh all the pros and cons, and if they are really interested in a relationship with a woman, they do not allow themselves actions, the results of which are not beneficial to them.

  • Stability and conservatism

The life motto of these men is “one job, one hobby, one woman…” You can recognize such a guy by his preferences in everyday life. He will choose a trusted restaurant and order a dish that he has already tried many times. When buying a new car, he will take the “old” brand. And if he wants to know the news, he will use a permanent and proven channel of information.

However, no matter what category a man belongs to, nobody’s canceled the law of personal choice in each specific situation. Life goes on, its conditions change, and people themselves change. When cheating is present in a relationship, it affects all areas of life and makes itself felt through small episodic signs. But a mature woman who thinks critically and adequately evaluates herself and her environment is able to recognize them. And no provocations and lie detectors are needed here.

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