5 Things to Consider When Buying Jewelry Gifts for Men

Jewelry has always been more associated with women, but times are changing, and so is this. In recent years, collections of jewelry for men contain almost all the items they have always had for women, as opposed to just watches and wedding rings. 

The popularity of accessories for men means that there is a very wide selection. So, if you want to buy jewelry as a gift for a man, this has both an upside and a downside. What’s good is that a plethora of choices means you will find the ideal gift for sure. The downside is that you might become overwhelmed, and it will render you indecisive. 

In order to avoid it, let us take a look at these five steps that will make the process as easy as it is enjoyable. 

Consider the Personality of the Man 

Jewelry is a great and very thoughtful gift, and it is awesome that we can now buy it for men; however, you must carefully consider the character of the person you are buying the present for, beyond gender. 

Think of things he likes and what he is like, not just what kind of jewelry he owns already. Ask yourself things like this: does he like to be in the center of attention, or is he an introvert? Is he willing to step out of his comfort zone, or would he rather stick to his old ways? 

Answers will help you decide whether you should just go for a good old-fashioned watch or choose diamond earrings for men that will make heads turn

Do not Shop Unprepared 

If you want to avoid the myriad of choices that will overwhelm you, you must do your homework before entering a shop or visiting an online one. At least decide first what piece of jewelry you are searching for and what your budget is; otherwise, the experienced salesperson will have you buying the most expensive item they have in no time. 

The alternative to this is to go to a jewelry store you trust, where you will be helped to decide what you want first and given time to think. Ask your family and friends if they can recommend this type of local store, where you can shop fine jewelry and watches and be sure you will be given enough time and information to choose right. 

Think about the Materials and Their Colors

No doubt gold and silver jewelry are the traditional choices. And probably the safest ones. Just know that gold is more visible and attracts more attention, while silver blends in. So what you will choose, again, depends on the character of the one you are selecting the gift for. 

Also, according to tradition, if someone is already wearing a gold wedding ring, the rest of their jewelry should be the same material. But that’s only important if you or the man you are shopping for prefers it when things are in accordance with the tradition. 

Other popular material choices are platinum, titanium, alloys such as brass and stainless steel, and for some jewelry pieces, even leather. All of these, except platinum, will be a great choice as well, especially if you are on a budget. 

Know Some of the Terminology 

If you go to a trusty jeweler, you can relax and speak freely, using the words you know. Don’t be ashamed to say things like big bulky necklaces; you do not have to know how it is professionally called. The salesperson helping you knows all the ways to say it, for sure. 

However, to understand the prices of certain pieces, it is not a bad idea to familiarize yourself with some of the terms. You should know that gold’s purity is measured in Karats, and the highest number of Karats is 24. Silver’s purity is shown in digits, with .999 being the purest silver. 

When Carats are spelled with a C, they are to symbolize the measure of a mass of a diamond. The more Carats it has, the heavier the gemstone is. 

Make It Personal 

Every gift should be personal, that goes without a saying. But jewelry gifts even more so, because of the time and the money you invest in choosing the right one. That is why it is a great idea to make the piece you’re buying a symbol or a connection with something important. 

For example, choose a class ring that will be a reminder of those beautiful years in the University. Or, get any piece engraved so that it has extra meaning for the person wearing it. It can be just a significant date, your initials or a very small motivational quote. 

And do not forget, if you are buying a ring, you should know the right ring size. Rings made of gold and silver can be resized if necessary, but keep in mind that this is not possible in the case of rings made of titanium. 

In a Nutshell

Buying gifts for men is not simple at all, but it can be a piece of cake if you constantly think about the preferences of the person you are buying for, decide carefully what is your budget and find a professional you can trust. 

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