5 Ways to Spend Your Time in Amsterdam

Paris may be the city of love but Amsterdam is where that love becomes joyous and fun. This place is a favorite of everyone who loves a good vacation. You may have heard about the red light area but we are here to tell you that Amsterdam is a lot more than just that. The canals, the traffic free streets, the people, the hostels, the food, everything about Amsterdam is special. Everything about Amsterdam is fun. Every place in Europe has something special to offer. But if you have decided to go to France, Paris should not be your only priority. Because a lot of happiness and a lot of fun is just waiting for you in Amsterdam. Party like an animal in the night and go to fancy street side cafes in the morning for a delicious breakfast. You do not know what is in store for you until you get there and once you get there you would wish you could stay forever. And if you still can not figure it out then let us do it for you. Here are five ways you can spend your time, having fun in Amsterdam.

  1. Book a Room in a Hostel

Staying in a hotel is fun and luxurious, but if you are solo tripping in Amsterdam, we suggest you stay in a hotel. For backpackers, it is even better because it comes at cheap prices. What is even better is that you get roommates through which you meet new friends and who knows maybe you would end up making friendships that would last a lifetime. It is always fun to meet new people from different countries and learn about their culture. In your Amsterdam packages, book a hostel for a unique experience.

  1. Ride a Bike in the Streets

The streets in Amsterdam are best for bike riding. There is not much traffic and it is easy to navigate. If you ride a bike, the experience would be different because you would feel like one of the locals. And it is always a great experience when you can just blend in, in a new place. We all know riding a bike is a fun experience, not only do you feel like a kid again but it is also a great exercise. So have some fun merging with the crowd and become one of the people who live in Amsterdam as you make this city your home for a few days.

  1. Enjoy the Delicious Food

When you go to a new place, it is a must to try the local food. You get to eat something new in every meal and the experience is mostly amazing. Try new things as you go to different cafes and restaurants every day. Food is the way to a person’s heart and that is where the place stays when you try something new that might become your favorite. The food in Amsterdam is quite amazing and you definitely need to give a try to the recipes you have never tried before.

  1. Go Canal Cruising

One of the most amazing things about Amsterdam is the canals. So when you are in Amsterdam, you definitely need to go canal cruising. The experience of riding a boat in those canals is quite something and you really can not miss out on it. The view you will get to witness would be phenomenal and the cool air playing with your hair would give you a feeling of freshness, as you ride your boat through the clear water of the canals. It is a fun experience and you definitely need to try it at least once.

  1. Pray in the Church

Although Amsterdam is a party destination and also holds a rock show that is literally loud and perfect. It is a place where you can dance the night away and never get tired. But visiting the church is definitely worth it. It is that quiet in the chaos that brings calmness in your mind. A place where you can connect with God and feel his presence in your heart. So set a morning aside for church and let your mind feel some peace and clarity. We are often lost in our lives and the church makes us feel like we are not alone and someone would always be taking care of us.

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