5 Ways to Start Your College Blog

Blogging has been around for many years, but it doesn’t lose its popularity to this day. People view blogging differently – some see it as an outlet for their personal thoughts and emotions, others use it to market their brand or product, or explore topics they like. Anyway, one can’t deny that blogs are valuable resources of information – statistics show that nearly 80% of internet users read blogs in 2021. So, it’s a perfect time to start a college blog!

Reasons to start a college blog in 2021

If the idea of starting a blog sounds tempting, wait until you hear what benefits offer. Some good reasons to start a blog are:

  • Selfhelp.

Blogging, like any other writing practice, is very good for your mind and soul. By writing, you pour and broadcast your own thoughts on paper or on the web, and so begin to understand yourself better. Reflecting on the pages of your blog, you can sort out your internal problems and find solutions for them, or get support from readers and understand that you are not alone. Posting online is also a great way to find like-minded people and share your values with the world. Students often deal with loads of stress, while writing relieves stress with no problem.

  • Enhance your writing abilities.

Students need to write creative texts all the time – just think about all the essays that university constantly requires. Those students who have troubles with creative writing often need to find the best essay writing service and order essays from them, but if they learn how to write well via a blog, they won’t have to rely on other people’s input.

By writing for your page, students inevitably improve their writing skills. It also allows looking through older posts and seeing the progress one made as a writer.

  • Marketing tool.

It’s an obvious one, but we had to mention it. If you offer a product or service you can spread the word about them and attract customers. You can also market yourself as a specialist.

5 creative ways to start blogging in 2021

1. Keep up with modern demands – start an Instagram/Facebook blog

The big advantage of Facebook and Instagram is the huge audience that uses them every day. On average, each person spends about 28 minutes daily on each of these social networks. In addition, these platforms offer quite interesting paid content promotions.

In order to start blogging on Facebook or Instagram, you should simply create an appropriate page where you can share your thoughts with readers.

2. Become a YouTuber

Video blogging is super “in” right now. Today, video content has become very popular and a number of video bloggers who create their own YouTube channels keep growing.

You must invest in an AI-enabled voice generator tool. It will help you to create voiceover videos in the language of your choice. Further, you can set the tone, emphasis, and pitch of the voice according to your target audience.

This direction is very promising and relevant. At the same time, it poses some difficulties:

  • Preparation of high-quality video requires the skills of filming and video editing.
  • Filming content requires skills in public speaking and working on camera.
  • You must invest in equipment and editing software.

3. Create your own website.

Most of the consumed content is still written. Any publication can be easily changed, supplemented, improved. All you need is a laptop, computer, or even a phone. A classic blog allows you to create content that is indexed by search engines, so people could find it easier. Look for inspirational topics on the Writing Universe website. Once you write an article, you continue benefiting from it for a long time.

4. Start your own podcast.

If you feel comfortable in front of an audience, an audio blog is a way to go. Try podcasting, and you will be amazed at how many people actually care about what you have to say.

5. Hybrid blog.

You can start a written blog, supplementing its posts with video content, images, duplicating articles on social networks. This is probably the best way to blog in 2021.

Write on

As a student, the curriculum can be quite monotonous and exhausting, so leading a blog can provide a refreshing break from your college routine. Consider our tips and these 6 ways how to make your writing better if you are going to start blogging in 2021!

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