6 Beneficial Tips for First-Time Short-Term Rentals Investors in the US

Currently, short-term rentals have seized a place among the most popular rental options in the United States. This trend was provoked by the various advantages one could reap from the procedure. Indeed, it’s safe to say that the short-term rental market in the US is flourishing tremendously. Thus, more American investors have developed interest in venturing into the rental method.

Two major benefits posed by short-term rentals include their immense profitability and flexibility. Long-term rentals don’t even come close to STRs regarding these perks.

Although short-term rentals are highly promising investments, several directions are required by beginners and fresh investors. Failure to abide by these essential steps could prevent you from earning its full benefits.

As a first-time STR investor, you’re bound to encounter various drawbacks and questions. These occurrences are best tackled by consulting experienced investors or real estate organizations. Real estate investment is a significantly tricky and complex process for beginners. Hence the need to reach out to real estate professionals.

In this light, we’ve conceived a valuable guide investing in rental property for beginners. This directory will enable you to stand out amid the hundreds of thousands of American STR investors today.

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Essential Steps to Take as a First-Time Short-Term Rental Investor in the US

As previously stated, short-term rental investment presents considerable benefits. To derive these profits and avoid losses, it’s important to abide by certain measures.

The following steps will be instrumental to your success as a short-term rental property investor:

1.   Understand What Short-Term Rental Investment Entail

Ignorance about a business endeavor’s implications primarily results in losses. A substantial business understanding will enable you to know how to best conduct the business. Concerning these realities, it’s vital to realize what short-term rental (STR) investment signifies.

Short-term rental investment involves leasing a property that has a lease term shorter than 12 months. This definition indicates that in less than 12 months the lease contract expires. Some properties that may qualify as short-term rentals include vacation homes, condos, and certain family homes. In most cases, STR properties are rented out as vacation homes.

The relatively short lease term makes short-term rentals flexible. Additionally, it also makes it possible for the investor to render profitable changes to the property.

2.   Discern the Ideal Location and Period

The location and period play huge roles in determining an STR’s profitability. So, how do you decide the right location and period to invest in STR?

Normally, busy locales and resort cities with numerous tourists are beneficial to STR investors. Since tourists will be compelled to rent vacation homes, such locations are favorable. For instance, the Smoky Mountains is a perfect region for STR investment. This occurs due to the millions of visitors it receives each year.

Similarly, the best period to invest in STR are the times when it has the most possible renters. The ideal period may fall during yuletide or when an important event occurs in the particular location.

For example, you’re likely to earn tremendous profits from your STR in Sevierville during the Christmas season. Thus, buying a vacation rental property in Sevierville around mid-December is a rational decision.

3.   Place an Appropriate Price on Your Rental Property

One crucial factor that determines your success as a STR investor is your property cost. The rent fee you place on your property could either attract or retract potential renters.

Charging an excessively expensive rent fee for your property could make people uninterested in renting your property. Similarly, a rental property that is cheaper than normal could make the investor incur losses.

Investing in rental property for beginners will require an expert knowledge to determine the deserving rent fee. With time, you’d learn how to estimate the rent fee effectively without much help from other people.

4.   Reach Out to Reliable Real Estate Professionals

As a first-time rental property investor, it’s necessary for you to work closely with a real estate professional. A dependable real estate professional will help you handle arduous situations and make lucrative decisions.

Consequently, at The Short-Term Shop, we offer responsible real estate experts. Our realtors would aid you to strike favorable deals with your potential renters.

Again, a reliable real estate professional could also give you valuable information and advice concerning short-term rentals. Therefore, you shouldn’t neglect real estate experts at the early stage of your real property endeavor.

5.   Engage in Sufficient Researches and Inquiries

Furthermore, it’s necessary to be updated on trending rental property investment strategies. This development could be achieved by making proper surveys and asking relevant questions regularly. Carrying out these integral duties keeps you informed as a rental property investor.

You could perform a thorough Google search. Additionally, visiting informative real estate websites like The Short-Term Shop will be beneficial to your STR investment.

One advantageous rental property investment strategy you could employ in the US is rental arbitrage. This technique involves acquiring a long-term rental property and listing it as a short-term rental property.

6.   Have a Decent Customer Service

Another fundamental effort to make as a real estate investing expert is to build a nice customer service. Your relationship with your renters will influence how potential renters will judge you.

Suppose you have poor customer service, your property will be less attractive to renters in the future. Hence, it’s critical to treat your renters properly.

Similarly, there are several platforms where customers review and rate rental properties. A property with good customers’ reviews and ratings will amass terrific yields.


With the points illustrated above, you’d be able to succeed as a fresh STR investor in the US. We understand that investing in rental property for beginners could be complicated. So, we urge first-time investors to follow the tips faithfully.

Suppose you have inquiries or issues regarding real properties, we could help you out. At The Short-Term Shop, we’re a responsive and reliable realtors team. Contact us for your rental property needs today.


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