6 Reasons Why You Should Love the Touchless Order

Today’s customers are very different from those in the previous years. The availability of smartphones and the rapid penetration of the internet across the world have made life easy for many customers.

Unlike in the past when one needed to physically go to a store to buy something, today people can shop in the comfort of their homes.

What does this mean? It means that B2C and B2B companies need to up their game when it comes to service delivery. Any delays or poor customer service on the part of the business means losing customers. There are many challenges associated with manual order processing including higher error rates, delays, limited control among others.

This is where touchless order processing comes in. It is one process that can help solve the above challenges by integrating all your sales processes. To be successful, you need automation techniques that will maintain flexibility and speed of the process.

Here are six reasons why you should adopt the touchless order:

  1. Reduced error rate

One major advantage of automated order processing is the ability to minimize if not eliminate errors. This is because the ordering processing doesn’t need any documentation, paperwork, or manual routing. This means that there will be very few cases of duplication, misplaced, or lost orders.

You won’t receive frequent complaints from customers regarding a lost or delayed parcel. Consequently, customers will keep coming back and even refer others to your business.

  • Orders will be processed much faster

The good thing about a touchless order process is that it has many automated features designed to streamline the entire process. That means from the time an order is captured to when it is approved and turning a sales order into a purchase order to be distributed.

The automation features not only save time but also prevent delays that are often caused by human interventions.

  • Can accept all order sizes

A good business should be able to maintain strong customer relations, regardless of whether they are new or existing, whether they place small or large orders. A self-ordering kiosk helps you to focus on other important activities while at the same time delivering quality services to your customers.

  • Lower costs

Moving from manual ordering to cash automation significantly reduces the cost of operation and increases revenue. Revenue generation and profit will increase due to more orders and a more efficient way of data storage.

  • Better customer service and productivity

Automating your order process means that employees who used to manage orders manually can be deployed to carry out other important activities of the business. Besides, your customers will receive much better services compared to manual processing of orders.

  • Proper control and visibility

With an automated order process, you have complete visibility of every stage an order goes through. A touchless order comes along with sophisticated technology and a user-friendly interface. This means you can easily control and link other related applications.

In general, a touchless order process has a lot of benefits to a business. It improves customer services, increases productivity, lowers operational costs among other benefits.

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