7 Best Email Marketing Tips for Virtual Events

The COVID-19 pandemics have changed the world in many aspects. One of the tremendous changes is shifting our lives to the virtual dimension mostly. In 2021, we continue adapting to the new normal of our online and offline lives.

With the wide use of virtual events due to restrictions, the need to build effective communication channels to promote the events arises. Thus, it is more important than ever to effectively strategize your email marketing efforts to engage and attract the visitor and participants. 

In this case, email marketing represents the old normal which developed new opportunities due to email signature software and automation tools and can serve relevant challenges. Here are some tips for implementing your email marketing strategy for your next virtual event. 

Personalize your email

The total number of emails sent and received per day is forecast to grow to more than 350 billion by the end of 2023. So how can you make your virtual event email stand out from that pile?

Work on the catchy subject line and personalization of the email content will work well for this purpose. There are two main reasons not to hesitate and make efforts on a subject line and content: 

  • If your email doesn`t get opened, it doesn`t matter how informative and well-organized your virtual event is. 
  • It goes without saying that nothing works better than speaking directly to your audience. Talking to your recipients by name adds a personal touch and makes a lasting impression. 

Add email signature

In the course of a true email market campaign, every single email should include an email signature. Why? The answer is straightforward – your personal email signature provides serious marketing opportunities for your virtual event. 

To take advantage of this small yet valuable feature, draw signature and consider adding the following elements to maximize your efforts: 

  1. A link to a virtual event homepage
  2. Links to the event social media accounts 
  3. An event registration link
  4. Virtual event promotional video or poster.

Use your email signature not only to spread information about yourself and your company but the events you organize or even participate in. 

Add Call to Action

Leaving your recipient wondering about the purpose of your emails is one of the biggest and most widely spread mistakes. Without a clear call to action, your email campaign may turn out a waste of time, money, and effort. Furthermore, you need a CTA that really works.

If aim at getting registrations for your virtual event, make it easy to accomplish with eye-catching buttons, links, or linked images. But not only the appearance matters.

Placement plays an important role as well. If your email campaign focuses on a single CTA, its placement should follow the logical progression of the story. Thus, you can either include it in the email body or your personal email signature. 

Use graphic elements

Keep in mind that you are always looking for opportunities to reach out memorably. When you are reaching out to attract attention to a virtual event, all means can be reasonable.

Show people you are a creative personality and your event is going to succeed. In the world of fast visual impressions, the graphic element is what works best. The aesthetic appearance of a readable and appealing message increases the conversion rates. 

Images, videos, and GIFs serve a virtual event promotion perfectly and guarantee memorable impressions. 

Make it mobile-friendly

With 60% of email campaigns being opened on a mobile device in 2019, in 2021, a mobile-friendly email design is a must. If your emails appear to be not mobile-friendly, you could be missing the opportunity to engage numerous passionate mobile users.  

There are several checkpoints to make sure your email copy works well on the mobile device: 

  • Watch the subject line length (25-30 characters)
  • Use pre-header text
  • Keep CTAs front and center
  • Make CTAs clickable and leave some space
  • Keep the copy concise. 

These easy-to-implement actions can considerably increase the success of your email campaign. 

Use email automation

Executing an email marketing campaign to promote an online event requires more than crafting an appealing and effective email copy. Often a whole sequence of emails is necessary to achieve the desired effect. 

Persistence pays off. However, managing numerous email templates and many attempts manually is next to impossible. Therefore, automated email marketing, which provides opportunities to send email sequences automatically based on a schedule, or triggers is an excellent option. Intercom is one of the automated email support tools where it works with any website to communicate customers at a convenient time

Choose an email automation platform, think over your strategy, and give it a shot. You`ll be positively surprised with the results, we promise. 

Include offers or discounts

There are dozens of tricks to take advantage of in email marketing. While promoting an online event, your key goals are to increase ROI and attract attendees. Special offers, discounts, and promo codes are an excellent way to achieve both. 

When used accurately, these small tricks can boost the efficiency of the promo campaign. The explanation is simple – people don`t like feeling left out on a bargain, often called FOMO (the fear of missing out). Creating a sense of urgency by your email provokes the receivers to act faster and more impulsively. 

Besides, the rewards for participation in the online event work well too. Small freebies like presentation materials, access to guides articles, publication opportunities, or discounts for future events or products capture the attention. 


Email marketing expertise takes time, effort, and persistence. But the results are totally worth it. Using a carefully crafted email campaign to promote an online event at once, you continue this practice further on. 

As we move into the virtual future, the popularity of online events will continue to increase. Every email is an opportunity to grow awareness and attract attendees to your virtual event. Thus, make sure you take advantage of every opportunity.

Following the tips mentioned above is easy, and it does not require additional resources or expertise. Therefore, missing them out would be a huge mistake. Hopefully, you will give them a shot to sell more and more virtual tickets to your future events. 

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