7 Best Ways for improving essay writing skills

Improving your writing skills in an essay is not all rainbows and unicorns. Several students face difficulties when they try to enhance their essay writing. To achieve perfection in your English writing, you need to have sheer will, commitment, and proper guidance. Below are seven ways to improve your essay writing.

Make reading your routine

How to improve writing skills? A question that has several right answers, however reading is one of the most effective ways if you want to improve your writing skills quickly. Now, many of you might find reading novels and articles a little boring, but once you start reading daily, you will find yourself hooked to it. To convince you further into reading, below are some of the top benefits for improving your English writing.

  • Reading strengthens your brain – Even if you start reading articles for at least ten minutes daily, you can immediately improve your quick decisional thinking.
  • Build up your vocabulary – Vocabulary is one of the main things that an essay requires. Luckily, by reading, you can enhance your vocabulary too.
  • Read essays – By reading articles and essay samples, you can gain in-depth knowledge about writing one.
  • Grammatical errors – With the help of reading, you would be less likely to commit any silly grammatical mistakes in your paper.
  • Read your surroundings. Sometimes, you might find the most interesting things written around your house or on the way if you are travelling. That is why it is essential to always read things in your surroundings, whether they are billboards or even graffiti on the walls.

Reading is an art that only a few can possess. That is why reading articles and stories are not everyone’s cup of tea. So, in such cases, if a problematic essay assignment befalls you, reach out to https://perfectessay.com/write-my-research-paper. This online website can write your essay using proper English.


How to become a better essay writer? If you want to excel in anything, the general rule of thumb is to practice that thing like hell. The same rule is with essay writing. Without practising and challenging your writing skills, you possibly can not imagine becoming a pro essay writer. However, practising in the right way is also essential. That is why we have come up with some of the top ways to guide you towards the right practising process.

  • Write something using proper English every day. It does not matter whether you are writing a total of fifty words or a hundred. An effort is an effort.
  • Increase the level of your difficulty as time passes. At the initial stages of practising, you should choose simpler topics to write on. After you get fluent in writing on easier topics, try shifting to more challenging ones. This way, you can know whether if your daily practice is bringing a change or not.
  • Ask your friends or teachers for a quick English writing quiz. The quiz does not need always to be an essay; it can also be a simple test of words dictation.

Keep and update your daily diary

How to improve essay writing? A question many college students ask over the internet forums. To enhance your essay writing skills, keeping a diary should be on your top to-do list. The diary can help in many different ways. Think about it yourself. By keeping a daily diary, you can easily evade the hassle of writing an essay for practice daily. You will not have to take time from your busy schedule every day to write a small essay. Also, by updating your diary, you might even write more than a hundred or fifty words, depending on how your day went. Apart from improving your English writing, the diary would have all your significant life events stored in a single space.


Many of you might commit many mistakes in your first essay while writing. That is why it is significant that you re-read your work at least twice. This way, all your typos and silly vocabulary errors will flush out your paper. Apart from that, the process of revising also helps you with your analytical and reading skills. Plus, you learn to challenge your thoughts about the paper, consequently making your argument more valid. So, by doing a slight revision on your work, you can hope to perfect your skills in writing difficult essays efficiently.

Understand what the question is asking you

Teenage students are known for their carelessness when it comes to writing essays. They quickly jump straight right towards the writing part without even understanding the question correctly. This is where they mess up. The key thing to improve your essay writing skills is first to anticipate the question. If you did not understand what the question was demanding you in the first place, you could not take your writing skills to the next level, period. So, always ensure that you have given the question a proper read. You can do this by reading the question at least more than twice. If you still do not understand, break the question into pieces or consult a professional.

Hire a tutor

If money is not an issue for you, hiring a tutor is an efficient way to enhance your essay skills. Think about it yourself. If you are trying on your own, there is a chance that you might practice the wrong way. Who knows, maybe you even end up worsening your skills rather than building them. A professional can bring the most change out of your writing skills in little time. They would always set you on the right path of practising as they would be experts in this. Also, utilizing the services of an English expert would help you build a routine. So, instead of facing all the hassles, buy the services of a professional. After all, what is a little money in front of your academic success?


Constructing an outline first is essential to your essay. The outline is like a roadmap to your essay paper. Wherever you get off the right path, the outline helps you get back on it. That is why you should make your habit of always preparing an outline first before starting your essay.

If you think that you can become a pro in a single night in essay writing, you are wrong. It takes years for people to perfect their skills in essay writing. So, if the change does not show up any time soon, do not get disheartened. Keep trying!

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