7 Party Themes You Can Set up Using Bought Grocery Items

For guests to fully immerse themselves in your party, you need to have a strong visual theme. It inspires them to take Instagram selfies that can eventually become viral with friends and family and result in endless shares.

Setting up a party doesn’t have to be a huge investment. There are tons of items available in your local grocery; you can utilize them effectively to come up with a gorgeous theme. Your grocery has everything you need, from raw materials for visual props to a stellar buffet. You can even save a few dollars when you take advantage of coupons and deals. Websites such as ILIkeSales Deals have a complete list of offers from your favourite brands and stores.

Wild child

You may be remembering your child as the best time of your life. Why not recreate themes from your childhood at your next party? Have childlike fun and let your hair down. Some ideas include renting a bouncy castle that can fit adults. Get a bubble machine running and decorate extensively with confetti and bubbles. Of course, your buffet table should feature all the nostalgic sweets, candies, and chocolates of your childhood. You may even want to have a goodie bag your guests can take home. For best deals, check websites such as ILIkeSales Deals. You can get huge savings, especially if you are going to buy bulk items.

Mermaid theme

Setting up a mermaid theme shouldn’t be complicated. You may want to start leaning on mermaid colours such as gold, green, coral, and white. Think of these colours when you buy cups, napkins, confetti, balloons, and other props for your party. When you put all these colours and items together, they should give an ‘under the sea’ vibe.

Nautical theme

If you are hosting a party on the boat or by the river, you may want to consider a nautical theme. Choose colour combinations and patterns that give off a sophisticated and fun nautical vibe. Choose props and items that range from crisp whites and deep navy blues. The result should be similar to a sophisticated cruise rather than a kiddy pirate theme.

Tropical nights

A tropical theme can warm up the mood of your guests and help them loosen up. Think of aquamarine and bottle green colours when you go shopping for party props and items. Serve rum cocktails and encourage your guests to come wearing bold tropical prints and vintage resort fashion.

Candy crush theme

You may want to follow the current trend of sweet and colourful hues. A perfect way to adopt this is to have a candy crush theme. It also helps everyone live out everyone’s favourite app game for the moment. Your guests will be taking plenty of selfies against a backdrop of candy colours. Choose bright and colourful party items and complete the theme with a buffet table filled with sweet treats from doughnuts to candies and chocolates.

Gothic horror

A Gothic theme can certainly perk up the interest of your guests. Style a theme that is elegant and spooky. Get store-bought candles and candelabras and check out deals for Victorian-era furniture. Instruct your guests to dress up as their favourite spooky characters, such as Victorian ghosts and mummies.


If you’ve always wanted to have a theme for your party, it shouldn’t be challenging. Everything is easy to set up utilizing store-bought items and materials. You can fashion any props using paper, cloth, glitter, and sequins readily available. Make sure you choose the right colours and patterns that tie up your theme.

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