7 Reasons to Consider a Career in Law Enforcement

A future career in law enforcement might be something that you have thought about if you like the idea of exciting and fast-paced work where you can help others on a regular basis. Law enforcement professionals are highly trained to deal with crime and put their own safety at risk to serve the public, playing an important role in society when it comes to reducing crime and improving community safety. Within the field of law enforcement there are several career options to consider including police officer, federal agent, sheriff, correctional officer, security officer and more. These positions are open to a range of different people and are often taken by people who have a desire to help others, serve the public, improve public safety and do meaningful work. Some of the main reasons to consider a career in law enforcement include:

Be a Force for Good

Many people like the idea of a career where they can do good things and where the work that they do will mean something not only to them but also to the others around them. A career in law enforcement gives you many opportunities to do something good and be remembered by others for making a difference to their lives. The opportunity to save lives is often one of the main reasons that people get into this line of work alongside other emergency workers. Whether your job leads you to rescuing a victim from a harmful situation or preventing criminals from going on to hurt others, helping people and saving lives is a central part of this job.

Make an Impact

As a law enforcement professional, you will have the opportunity to have a large impact on your community. Some law enforcement officers work in the same area where they live and grew up, which can make this career even more meaningful at times when you are able to help others who you know and make an impact on the community that you are familiar with. Within the community, law enforcement officers play a huge role in making it safer and a more pleasant place to be.

Enjoy Fast-Paced Work with No Boredom

Boredom isn’t something that you’re likely to deal with very often in a law enforcement career. If the idea of working in a career that is repetitive and the same every day is something that fills you with dread, the good news is that a career in law enforcement might be perfect for you. As a law enforcement officer, you’re never going to deal with two days that are the same and situations can change at any moment, meaning that you’ll need to be able to make quick decisions on your feet and put your problem-solving skills to the test fairly often. Although slow days do happen, they are usually welcomed because they give you a chance to catch up with work that has been sent to the bottom of the priority list.

Excellent Career Advancement

If you don’t like the idea of being stuck in the same job for years and want a chance to progress in your work, law enforcement definitely provides a lot of great opportunities for career progression and advancement. Since the law enforcement field is structured in a way that there are several different levels of authority and a clear chain of command, working your way up the career ladder can be a straightforward process if you are an ambitious and dedicated person in this job.

Enjoy an Excellent Salary and Benefits

Due to the fact that it can be quite a risky job to do, it’s no surprise that law enforcement careers often pay quite generously. While there might be some financial investment upfront needed for those who need to undergo training or get a degree in criminal justice such as a BA in policing from Wilfrid Laurier University before you can get started in this career, the payoff is definitely going to be worth it. The average salary for a police officer at the entry level is around $35k annually, and you can begin to build this salary up and earn even more as you gain experience and work through the ranks. In addition to the generous salaries, working in law enforcement can also get you access to a wide range of career benefits including life and health insurance for yourself and your family, hazard pay, the chance to earn more with overtime, generous paid holidays, and tuition payment assistance programs for those who want to learn even more.

Work Anywhere

If you don’t want to remain in your home town forever and want a job that you can take to different places, the good news is that a career in law enforcement can be done anywhere in the country, with high demand for these professionals wherever you go. Whether you want a job that you know there’s going to be demand for wherever you move to, or a career where you can travel to different places, working in law enforcement could be an ideal move for you.

Bring Your Best Self

Law enforcement is always in need of excellent and dedicated people to take on these roles and make a difference to individuals and communities. In addition, if you are part of a minority group, joining law enforcement not only gives you the chance to use your knowledge and skills to help others but you can also help with improving the diversity of this career path overall. Women in particular are highly encouraged to join law enforcement careers since this has long been a career path dominated by men and currently the ratio of men to women working in local police departments is quite unbalanced. As law enforcement works to be able to represent a much more multi-cultural society compared to in the past, multi-cultural professionals are needed to best represent communities and the people that they serve.

If you are thinking of a career choice or want to change your career, working in law enforcement might be ideal for you if you want something exciting and fast-paced where you can do good every day.

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