Investors in stock face a tough challenge when choosing where to invest. Knowing the company that will yield high returns is difficult. For this reason, reviewing public companies is essential in evaluating the potential growth of a company. Investors can also form strong business networks. The networks can help the prospective company to bring growth. As an investor, the most important thing is to get returns on your money, and making the right investment choice will guarantee this. Here are the factors to consider to find the best stocks to buy today.

Consider the Price to Earnings Ratio

How well is the stock’s price in relation to its earnings ratio is one of the most important considerations for fundamental analysis and value investing. The company’s ratio looks at its current price compared to its per-share earnings. The higher the PE ratio, the greater the expectations of higher growth. The PE ratio is calculated by taking the current share price and dividing it by the earnings per share. It is advisable to consider this while comparing companies in the same industry.

Debt and Equity Ratio

Having debt applies even to the richest companies. However, beware of the companies with large debts. Look at the company’s income balance sheet and analyze the debt-to-equity ratio. Go for a company with more assets than liabilities. If you want to invest in a company with lower risks, go for one that has a debt-to-equity ratio that is below 0.30. However, if you have a bit of tolerance, you can consider a slightly higher ratio. For instance, construction companies may have a high ratio since they use a lot of debt funding.

The Relative Strength of the Business     

Compare several companies in the same industry. Is the company well placed against its competitors? What is the company’s relative strength in the industry as a whole? Consider how the company is fairing amidst its competitors. Inquire about its market share and any advantages that make it stand out.


It is natural for a company to make losses, especially during hard economic times and market upheaval. However, look at the overall stability depending on the economic times. The best stock to buy today is from a company that makes losses only when the market is struggling. Ultimately, a stable company grows revenue and maintains low or moderate debt levels.  


The obvious metric to look for is dividend yield when buying dividends stock. Dividends inform you how much returns to expect for every dollar you invest. Companies that pay dividends are often with certain stability. However, watch out for companies with very high yields. High yields can indicate upcoming instability because a company that pays lots of dividends might not be re-investing in itself. Consider companies that pay modest but regular dividends on time. Also, check the stock’s price action to avoid buying volatile stocks with downside potential that could affect your overall returns.


Evaluating a company’s leadership is more of a qualitative assessment. How do you view the competency of those in charge of the company? Is the company well managed? Is the company innovative?

Additionally, consider if any scandal could arise and harm the company. While doing this, remember some scandals harm the company only for the short term. The best stocks to buy today are from a company that is flexible enough to recover from the setback, you can get a good deal on the share price amid such difficulties. Effective leadership promotes a stable, long-lasting company that often enjoys higher stock prices.

Earnings Growth

Inquire about the net gain income a company has garnered over time. Choose a company with steady and consistent trends of growing earnings over time. Even a small, steady increase can be a positive indicator over a long period. However, earnings growth and value have to go hand in hand for the stock to be worth the investment. Therefore, understand the company’s plans to continue increasing earnings. A company with a proven strategy to increase sales, attract new customers, and develop new products has high earning stocks. Be keen on where the company is and was at a given period. Look for these patterns by inspecting the earnings report over the previous eight quarters to forecast the future earnings.


Investing is not a walk in the park. Therefore, investors should get out of their comfort zone and analyze the prospective company properly. The goal is to find a good value – especially if you plan to hold on to an asset for a while. Before picking stocks to invest in, do thorough research by reviewing the company’s basics to monitor its viability and examine whether it is worth your investment. Investors must be willing to dig deep before joining the investment business. Follow the above guidelines to pick the best stocks to buy today and enjoy returns on your money.

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