7 Things To Consider Before Going On Holiday This Summer

With COVID-19 restrictions slowly fading away, holiday activities are back on to-do lists for many Brits this year. However, the pandemic has altered several aspects of travel and recreation. Therefore, there is a lot to contemplate before deciding on a vacation. Here are seven things to consider before going on holiday this summer.

  1. Allergies

Family vacations go hand-in-hand with summer travel, but you need to do a little more planning if you have allergies to enjoy your holiday. Whether you stay in a hotel or with family and friends, discussing your allergies, plans, and itinerary is crucial to having a safe trip. You can research your destination for the nearest hospitals and pack some safe snacks just in case. Furthermore, consider bringing along Epi-pens, Fexofenadine tablets, and other essential allergy medications.

  1. Entry Requirements

If you want a vacation abroad, it is essential to know the entry requirements of your preferred destination before making any other move. Currently, many countries have stringent entry restrictions for UK visitors, except for Spain. As a general rule, you will need to provide proof of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 with a specific time frame. You may also need to fill in a health declaration certifying that you haven’t got any coronavirus symptoms. In many destinations, tourists will need to wear personal protective equipment while in public. Thus, it is best to bring a good travel mask when going places

  1.  A PCR Test

As stated above, many holiday destinations insist on a negative PCR test or a “Fit to Fly” before allowing entry, so this should be on top of your summer holiday considerations. Thankfully, high-street pharmacies, airport testing clinics, and holiday companies are all avenues you can turn to for reliable tests. Nowadays, the standard turnaround time for a PCR test is 24 hours, so you should factor in this timing when planning, considering many destinations demand a negative PRC test within three days before you arrive.

  1. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is always advisable when going on holidays, so it would be best to purchase an excellent policy to secure you on your adventures. Since March last year, many travel insurers have rewritten their policies in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Consequently, ensure that you find an insurer that guarantees your medical treatment if you contract coronavirus while away.

  1. Passport Validity

Many people haven’t checked their passports in a long while for good reasons. However, passport requirements have changed for UK visitors to the EU, so check out your eligibility before making any travel plans. Before Brexit, all you needed to travel to the EU was a valid passport. Nowadays, UK passport holders need to have passports less than a decade old with at least six months left before expiring to travel to EU countries. Thankfully, you can renew or replace your passport for £75.50 and £85 online and through a paper form, respectively.

  1. Vaccinations

It is advisable to be vaccinated against severe diseases like Typhoid, Hepatitis A, and Yellow Fever if you are planning to travel outside the UK. Although COVID-19 vaccinations aren’t mandatory at most destinations, it is still a good idea to consider getting the vaccine to protect yourself while on vacation.

  1. Sun Protection

Sun damage is an ever-present threat during your Airlie Beach tours summer holiday, so prioritise sun protection to make your vacation fun and safe. Therefore, invest in sun-protective clothing, sunglasses, and wide-brimmed hats that protect you from sun damage. Additionally, pack a great sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 or higher for optimum sun protection.

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