8 things that make you stand out as a tourist

If you want to blend in as a tourist, you need to know what makes you stand out. There’s a lot to learn if you want to blend in, from reading a map to eating and drinking at the wrong times. So here are 8 things that make you stand out as a tourist.

Stand on the wrong side of the escalator

In London, one of the most visited cities globally, people stand on the left side of an escalator and let people pass from the right. This, however, doesn’t hold true in every country. In Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, you need to stand on either side of a moving walkway or a zebra crossing.

Only speak English

If you visit a country in which they don’t speak your language, try speaking theirs. Even if you only know a few words or phrases, this will definitely make you seem less touristy and more local.

Eat too early or too late

You might be used to scoffing down lunch at 12 pm. But you should know it is considered rude if you eat too early in the country that you’re visiting. It’s also not a good idea to eat dinner after 10 pm, as people will think that you are very hungry and this isn’t polite. Instead, research the local customs and fit your day around them.

Travel in large groups

If you’re in a group of more than two or three people, you’ll stand out as an obvious tourist. If you want to blend in, travel alone or with one other person. This will make it seem like you live there and aren’t just on holiday.

Wear retro adventure gear

If you go to a country known for bad weather, it might not be the best idea to wear bright-colored retro adventure gear. Sure, retro is in at the moment – visit here to find out more about it. However, this un-original tourist look makes you stand out as someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. Instead, match your clothes with the local style, and you will blend in perfectly.

Get drunk

Getting drunk doesn’t just look bad; it also makes you stand out as a tourist. If you want to blend in as a local, don’t ever drink too much and start vomiting or making a scene. This will only make the locals think that you are not as good as them at holding your drink, and they will not respect you.

Don’t haggle

Bargaining for a lower price is not something that happens in every country. It is considered rude and disrespectful in some countries if you bargain too much for a “local” price. This can be seen as an insult to the seller, and they might refuse your service altogether. Therefore, always check out prices online before you visit a place so it won’t shock you when you get there.

Stare at a map for too long

If you’re ever lost, it is completely okay for you to pull out a map and look at it. However, you should know that people might come up to you and offer help if you read the map for too long. So if this happens, don’t be afraid to accept their offer because the people are just trying to help.

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