5 Ways Data Privacy Is Revolutionizing Technology

The rise of big data has transformed technology in the last decade. It has made information accessible to all. For companies like Facebook and Twitter, data is the key to improving the user experience on their platforms. Whether you’re a startup or a business-to-business (B2B) enterprise, your data is a valuable asset that’s changing the …

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How can technology help you be a better day trader?

Technology has an increasing influence over many aspects of our lives, from our social lives to the way we do business. We are increasingly relying on technology today for access to more information, improve the efficiency of the way we do things and make better decisions.  Trading the financial markets is no exception, as the …

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5 Latest Recruitment Technology Trends That Recruiters Must Look Out For

Excerpt: Recruitment technology is something that recruiters can’t do without, especially in a post-pandemic world. Learn more about the latest trends in recruitment technology in this article below. As the pandemic recedes and we enter a post-pandemic world, it’s a good time to reflect on how technology has undoubtedly left a transformative impact on many …

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Impact of Technology On Music: A Modern Revolution!

Technology has indeed had a significant impact on people over the years. It won’t be wrong to say that we rely on technology even to do our most straightforward tasks. With so much reliance on tech-based gadgets, the world has seen a revolution – and so has the world of music. Atlanta is one of …

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Technology And Getting Back To Basics

The pace of technological advancement seems to be accelerating and everyday objects are getting more complex. Cars are moving forward in leaps and bounds, too –  from the basic, foundational designs to masterful, tech-savvy vehicles; and then there are cars like the Subaru BRZ that was launched in the USA in 2012 as an affordable …

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New Vaping Technology Significantly Reduces Exposure to Toxicants


Vaping is the new craze. You might be wondering why everyone’s talking about vaping or e-cigarettes lately. Well, it turns out that this new technology offers users a better way to enjoy ‘smoking’ without exposing themselves to toxicants. Unlike smoking, vaping allows you to breathe in vapor instead of smoke. It uses battery-operated devices to …

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