A complete list of the top 10 most liked video on TikTok Details of the video explored!

TikTok videos earn millions of likes daily, yet only a handful make the “most loved” list. Videos have led to movie parts, recording agreements, cosmetics collaborations, and more for big TikTok producers. We’ve included TikTok videos from all genres in our collection. Celebrities keep in contact with followers on TikTok. The top 10 TikTok videos are discussed in this article.

Discovering TikTok’s ten most loved videos

  1. Khabby Lame’s Peeling a Banana has 37.9 million likes

TikToker Khabane Lame (@khaby.lame) explains how people overcomplicate things. He posts reactional TikTok videos that demonstrate easy methods to do things. His “Peeling a Banana” video begins with a person carefully peeling a ripe banana with a knife. Khaby then demonstrates how simple banana peeling is. With 275.2 million views and 37.9 million likes, the sarcastic video is his most popular TikTok video.

  • British Promise Cats pawing the camera – 38.1 million likes

Animal videos are always trendy. @britishpromise.cats’ video of a ginger cat clawing a camera ranks ninth. The camera that records the footage fits just the cat’s face in a tube. The cat enters the tube, scratches at the camera, and sticks its face in to see the gadget. This adorable video has over 298 million views and over 38.1 million likes.

  • Time Warp Scan by Billie Eilish: 40.1 million.

Eilish requires no introduction. The Grammy-winning vocalist has sold millions of CDs. On November 2020, she uploaded a TikTok time warp scan video. That was her platform premiere. The app’s scanner flared Billie’s nostrils in the video. She finished giggling at her invention. Her TikTok followers made the viral video her most loved. About 349.1 million people have seen it.

  • The dog too startled to speak by Adrian Château – 40.3%

Adrian’s dog’s response influences her video. The creator barks at her dog’s ear after an audio clip says, “Bark at your dog.” The dog appeared astonished and nearly dared her to do it again. She told a follower that her dog was a half pit bull and half German shepherd, but her Instagram is hidden.

  • Mona Gonzales’ Suave: 41 million

@mngnzls posted the video on March 4, 2022. “It’s time to wake up the neighbours,” reads the video description. Mona performs Suave by El Alfa El Jefe. Mona’s powerful singing made the video viral. This TikTok video is the sixth most loved, with 270.8 million views and 41 million likes.

  • ToTouchAnEmu’s twerking man: 44.5 million

@maxtaylorlifts, a TikTok creator, inspired the video. David took the video on his drone with Justin Bieber’s Stay playing in the background. The video had 322.2 million views in 2021. Allen wears a blue button-up shirt, white headphones, and sunglasses. It has almost 44.5 million likes on social media.

  • Nick Luciano’s Sugarcrash! 48.6 million

Nick’s (@thenickluciano) TikTok starts with @kaylavoid lip-syncing to ElyOtto’s Sugarcrash! Nick copies the creator’s lip-sync video. The inventor then records his version in a lovely setting. The TikTok video became Nick’s most loved. That became viral after that. The 24-year-old engineer now creates comedy sketches and other stuff for his 6 million followers.

  • Franek Bielak lip-drawing video – 50.2 million

Franek Bielak’s 2020 video (@fredziownik art) is our third most loved TikTok video. In TikTok, he draws glossy, hyper-realistic lips to Deep End by Fousheé. 281.2 million viewers and 50.2 million likes have seen the video.

  • Jamie Big Sorrel Horse’s Lip sync video – 51.4 million views

Jamie Big Sorrel Horse (@jamie32bsh) was the second-most-liked TikTok video. One of the most appreciated TikTok videos ever was his lip-sync for Nelly Furtado’s Say It Right. The video is shot in Jamie’s restroom. With 51.4 million likes and 426.1 million views, his simple video resonated with people.

  1. Bella Poarch’s M to the B – 57.6 million

Bella Poarch’s M to the B lip sync video was 2020’s most loved TikTok video. Bella became viral after posting a silly lip sync to Millie B’s Soph Aspin Sent. The creator’s cute emotions drew 699.4 million views. 57.6 likes are on TikTok’s most loved video.

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