A Guide about 5 New Revstar Models Announced By Yamaha

Many brands have come out with their manufactured guitars. You will find a variety of well-known and new brands of guitars in the market. However, the old brands remain to be the best. Yamaha is one of the most leading brands when it comes to musical instruments. Are you thinking of buying some guitars from Yamaha? Here are some variants from one of its best guitar lines.


This variant from the Yamaha revstar guitar line is known to be a hidden treasure. In simpler words, you cannot tell much about RS820 until you get to play it. That’s when you will know what a masterpiece it is performance-wise. This model comprises a three-piece neck and a mahogany maple body top. Moreover, it has a very smooth satin finish. It possesses a scale length of 628 mm and 22 frets with sound and tone controls. The risks are that this guitar would take over most of your guitar collection because it’s the best.


The Yamaha RS702 is a powerful combination of vintage classical musical notes without any specifications from the traditions. What makes this guitar stand out is its custom-designed humbuckers and Bigsby vibration that create some classic vintage music out of this modernly designed guitar. This guitar possesses a mahogany and maple top with some P90 single coil humbuckers and Bigsby B50 vibrato. This guitar is a whole package in one body that would make you enjoy music like never before.


Just like the RS702B, this RS720BX has a mahogany and maple body top that makes its appearance very eye-pleasing. Alongside that, it has a three fractionated mahogany neck. Moreover, this guitar has some humbuckers and control switches that work in a push and pull way for volume and tone control. Not to forget that this guitar has a scale length of about 24.75 inches and a rosewood fingerboard with a 13.78 inches radius. Once you play this guitar, it will make you keep playing it and just not stop with it.


Yamaha has launched a series of revstar models, but this one right here, the RS502TFMX, is popularly known for its design that perfectly displays the revstar style. Manufactured with quality hardware, this guitar has a mahogany neck, a tailpiece made out of pure Aluminium, and a body top laminated with flamed maple. This guitar has a very versatile, classy tone that would treat the listener’s ears. This one right here is the top one out of the revstar series that Yamaha has launched.


The Yamaha RS502FTM is yet another one of Yamaha‘s masterpieces that perfectly depict the revstar. Style through the classy appearance of the body top laminated with mahogany and flamed maple. The royalness of this guitar shows from its steel wool finishing, and a tailpiece made up of Aluminium. It has a dry switch that can be pushed and pulled to control volume or for controlling tone. Moreover, this guitar has a scale length of 24 ¾ inches and a C-shaped neck.


Yamaha has always been a pioneer in manufacturing high-quality and a variety of musical instruments. These variants from the revstar series are a must-try.

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