A Guide on How to Get a Crew Cut

Crew cut hairstyles are won by adults and teenagers alike. The hairstyle gives a combination of youthfulness and a serious vibe that all men want in a hairstyle. The hairdo is easy to style and maintain because it features short hair that does not need to be combed or hair products to keep it in place.

Crew cut hairdo features longer hair at the top and short faded hair on the sides and back. It can be styled into different styles. For example, if you want very short hair but do not like the basic buzz cut, the crew cut is the most suitable style to go for. The cut is not demanding in terms of maintenance, but you need to take little care, like visiting the barber once in two weeks for a trim.

  1. How To Do A Crew Cut

The most common crew cut features buzzed sides and back using a hair clipper. The transition from the top towards the sides is faded to hide the transitioning lines. You can get a long or a short crew, depending on your preference. You can easily DIY with this haircut, but if you don’t have the skills, it is advisable to visit a stylist. After the cut, you should go for a retouch again after two weeks before your hair grows much.

When you go to the stylist for the first time, it is essential to carry some pictures for reference. These will give them a better understanding of the type of crew cut you want. Another tip is to keep checking your hair in the mirror to notice any growth. According to MensHaircuts, you will have a hard time doing the fading, but it will be easier with more practice. Get the right instruments like a comb, pair of scissors, and the right guards depending on the hair length you want to retain.

  1. Buzz The Sides And Back

A crew cut will need you to cut the sides and back using blades #2 or #4. You can use a second mirror to reflect the back of your head so that you can see the sides and back clearly. Start cutting the hair from bottom to top. Also, start with one side of the head and then the other. Once that is done, move to the back and again start from the bottom up. Ensure you cut the hair on the opposite side of the hair growth. This applies primarily to people with thin hair.

  1. Buzz The Top

The number of clippers you will use at the top depends on the length of hair you want to maintain there. You can use extensive plastic guides on the clippers. These are purchased separately from the clippers. If you don’t have the guards, scissors are also an excellent option to shorten the hair at the top. A comb will help you get a balanced size.

  1. Get A Smooth Fade

A fade can be frustrating to cut when DIY-ing. However, the transition from the top to the sides and back should not be evident—switch the guard sizes to transition from one size to the other. You can watch your stylist do it on their clients, or YouTube videos will help better your skills.

Do this on the back and sides to ensure the transitions are uniform. Do not also forget the back of your ears because they tend to have hair that is not visible and you can easily leave some long strands there and bring ungodly sight.

  1. Fix All The Mistakes

One of the things you are likely to struggle with is the transitions. If they are too obvious, you will need to fix them. You should also ensure your haircut is uniform. If you are not careful, you will find that the sides, top, and back have some patches with long and short hair, which is not appealing—use the same blade size to make the sides, top, and bottom even.

  1. Maintaining Your Crew Cut

Like most men’s haircuts, the crew cut is not draining to maintain. All you need to do it give it a thorough wash and comb it using the common comb.

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