A Mexican actress named Tania Mendoza was killed known for her role in La Reina del Sur

Tania Mendoza is a famous Mexican actress who became well-known for her part in “La Reina Del Sur.” She was killed in a fight on Tuesday, December 14, 2021. So far, the police have not been able to catch the gunman. Reports say that the person with the gun fired it and then ran away immediately. According to the story, two men ran away right after the shooting. Local news sources say, though, that the authorities haven’t found them yet.

The actress drove to the middle school where her 11-year-old son was to pick him up. Her kid was there and heard the shots himself. In front of his eyes, he witnessed the murder of his mother. Tania Mendoza’s status was changed to “dead” after the paramedics arrived at the crime scene. Even so, we will keep looking into it.

Who was Tania Mendoza?

Tania Mendoza was a singer who was from Mexico. Tania was in the 2005 movie 10 Hours Before Dying, which was early in her career. Even more, she was the main character in the movie Los 3 chacales y la carro, which came out in 2003. In the play, she played the part of La Reyna. During this time, she worked on many different projects over six years. In 2011, Los 3 chacales y la carroa finally came out.

It was reported that the singer had reached the age of 42 at the time. Since her first role in 1998, she has been in 25 movies or TV shows. On the other hand, Mendoza didn’t start acting professionally until she was 19. Her work was never the same every time. Since the last time she was seen in public, ten years have passed. The public liked the actress’s work up until that point.

Tania Mendoza, on the other hand, is also a singer. She has put out five albums in the Mexican language. Also, no one knew much about the celebrity’s private life. There is not a lot of information available on the same subject. She was married before, according to the information we have. He was her husband, and his name was Rafael Sanchez Rojas.

Mendoza got a lot of death threats

After the actress’s death, a very sad event, different sources have said that this wasn’t the first time Tania had been attacked. Mendoza died because of this terrible event. Before that, in 2010, Tania, her husband, and her six-month-old son were taken, hostage. A famous person and her family own a successful car wash business. Still, all three of them were stolen from the car wash. Tania and her husband were both hurt physically. For a few hours, they were kept as prisoners.

On the other hand, after they were set free, her kidnappers told her she had to leave the Mexican state of Morelos. They said that she was the one who said the things. Even after the event, Tania Mendoza is said to have received multiple death threats.

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