A tie between AnEsonGib and Taylor Holder has enraged the fans, YouTube vs TikTok verdict reversed

When AnEsonGib and Taylor Holder ended up tying in their boxing match, an array of conflict began. A significant quotient of AnEsonGib’s fans and people watching were convinced he should’ve won, based on the stats and everything after the conflict. It came as a total surprise to both AnEsonGib and Taylor when the judges announced it was a draw at the end of the competition. Anesongib was left feeling extremely unhappy and essentially lost, as he probably thought he had the conflict in the bag. It may seem hard to believe but we can take comfort in knowing that sometimes things don’t end the way we expect them to. It may have once seemed unfathomable–but we know that surprises happen in competitions like this, and results can throw everyone off.

According to the statistics of the fight, AnEsonGib managed to land 38 hard hits. He attempted 98 throws and was successful in landing 47 of them. Taylor Holder successfully landed a total of 21 punches, 16 of which were considered power shots. Because the final strike totals of the two teams are so drastically different from one another, it is simple to see why so many fans are angry with the choice that was made. It was Social Gloves Entertainment who arranged the match, and they were the ones who inaccurately declared Taylor Holder as the victor through Twitter. However, they swiftly altered their course, indicating that they had majority support on social media. The fact that the corporation made such an evident mistake, on the other hand, served only to add fuel to the fire that the disagreement had been resolved.

Spectator’s opinions on the YouTuber AnEsonGib vs TikToker Taylor Holder

When it came out that the votes were mostly tied, several people got worried, saying the whole notion might’ve been rigged. A significant quotient of the blame got thrown onto FouseyTUBE, saying he played favorites. He wasn’t only some random individual; he had money on the line and was even the announcer during the match. Without any solid evidence, though, it’s just fans making guesses about what happened. And in the final analysis, one finds that people were quick to point to how everyone acted during the AnEsonGib vs. Taylor Holder matchup, claiming it was purely about the racism that’s deep-rooted in the scene. But, one mustn’t deny that tensoring up concrete evidence was something no one really managed to do.

As seen in one of the videos, the referee is just as confused by the call as Taylor Holder is, to the point that he even shrugs at him in his astonishment. Because there was so much room for interpretation, even the scorecards used by the judges added to the confusion. Based on the information that has been made public, it would seem that two of the judges preferred AnEsonGib, while just one had a preference for Taylor Holder. In any event, the ratings do not accurately reflect the results of the majority of draws. It is not yet

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