A Wedding Checklist – The Basics

So, you’re engaged, congratulations! Or maybe you are a maid of honor, best man, or a worried mother of the bride that wants to make sure everything is perfect for the big day.

Whatever reason that brings you here, judging from the title, you want to make sure you have got everything crossed off for the big day- and who can blame you.

It’s a day that notoriously requires a LOT of planning, and one little slip-up can easily create a trajectory that could end up in some kind of chaos, especially if you have a tight schedule and want to get a bunch of things in.

So, with that in mind, this piece is designed to help you tick off the fundamental basics for your wedding, so at least if the groom is late or the bride tears her dress, there will still be wine in the bar and a place to dance. Which we all know is the best part of the wedding!

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It isn’t easy to get married without a venue unless you plan to be just you two. A venue often becomes the first place to find, as you need to visualize what your wedding is going to look like, what you will need, what space you have, and what each venue offers. For most couples, you will be looking at two venues minimum to complete the day, as there will be a choice for where the original wedding takes place, where the meal and the reception happens, and where guests and the couple will stay afterward. Whether this is all one place or a few separate places is entirely up to you and your budget too. Take into consideration how many people you would like at each part of the wedding (usually more people come to the reception) and plan for the venues accordingly.


Music is a massive part of many couple’s special days! From the moment they walk down the aisle to the last song of the evening, music often fills the day and is an important factor in making the day perfect. Have a sit-down and think about your wedding theme, what emotions you want to convey, and the experience you want to give to yourself and your guests. Will it be a fun and upbeat style? Will you want a traditional organ or a song of your choice to walk down the aisle too? What about your reception? Choosing between a classic wedding DJ or opting for more of an experience with a wedding band hire? All that is important is that it is what you want for your big day.


What is a big day without food? It is one of the best bits. Deciding on what style of meal you would like first can help you decide what type of foods you want to be looking at. For example, do you want a sit-down meal or a ‘help yourself’ buffet style? Will you want to put on evening snacks during the reception for when your guests get hungry? When you have worked out these logistics, you can start to look at reputable catering companies to feed your big day!

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