Addison Rae gave a response after her unreleased songs were posted on SoundCloud

Addison Rae’s older songs are leaked onto SoundCloud, and she reacts in her way. We all know that Addison Rae’s job as a TikToker is a big part of why she has become so popular. How she got her start, and how she became a famous person. Since she was able to get her movie on Netflix, she has been working on her line of makeup and becoming a rising star in the music industry at the same time. These are the other things we know about her.

Old Addison Rae music tracks have been put on SoundCloud

Addison Rae wants to be a musician and is working toward that goal. Addison Rae became famous on the TikTok app, and now 88 million people follow her. On the platform, she is known as a famous person. But she didn’t think it was enough for her career, so she kept looking for other chances. She got a part in a movie that will be on Netflix in the end. The success of her own beauty brand also helped make her more well-known. In response to that, she also started focusing on her career as a singer, considering that she released her first single in 2021. The name of that one was “Obsessed” in the title. Also, the song was performed live from Addison on the Jimmy Fallon show. But she had more than just that one song. Some of her songs were also never shared with the public.

Some of Addison Rae’s old songs were leaked

During this time, Addison Rae even thought about turning her singing into a career. Because of all of this, some of her older songs were never played in public again after they were recorded. On the other hand, because of a leak, some of her older songs are now available on SoundCloud. in response to which she has already given her answer.

Some of her songs had just been put on SoundCloud this month when the event took place. There are about ten songs on the CD that most people have never heard before. Which is a big reason why so many people love it. Addison Rae just talked about how she feels about her songs being shared without her permission.

How Addison Rae felt about her songs being taken from SoundCloud

Where Addison’s fans still hold out hope that she will do something. Her music was uploaded to SoundCloud by accident, and now everyone is crazy about it. In fact, on August 11, she said that there were a few of her songs that she didn’t think would be released. But it has quickly become a favourite of many of her fans.

After her songs were posted on SoundCloud, she has been telling everyone who supports her that she is thankful. In the meantime, she told everyone to be nice to each other because ___what goes around comes back around.

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