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Adele Givens is one of history’s most underappreciated overachiever comedians and performers. Adele is a Chicago-born Queen Midas, and everything she touches turns to gold. Adele began her reign in late November 1989, and by February 3, 1990, it was evident she was a royal force to be reckoned with. Adele went on a roll after easily outperforming her competitors in the Crown Royal comedy competition at the Regal theatre in Chicago. Winning and placing in a variety of events in Chicago, including the Miller Lite Comedy Search.

Adele Givens’ Early Life

Adele Givens grew up in a disadvantaged inner-city neighborhood on the west side of Chicago, Illinois, listening to comedians deliver jokes on television and the radio and dreaming of one day becoming one of them. She learned to laugh at life’s problems from her mom whom she labelled as the wittiest lady you ever heard in an interview for Darryl Littleton’s 2006 book, Black Comedians on Black Comedy: How African Americans Taught Us to Laugh. 

Despite the fact that her life was not always easy, her acute mind and quick wit enabled her to turn her suffering into humor and use that humor to comment on everyday events and social concerns. Givens won a local comedy competition after friends pushed her to compete, introducing her irreverent, street-smart humor to a young African-American audience anxious to see urban hip-hop culture mirrored in their entertainment.

Adele Givens’ Early Career

Adele traveled to New York less than 1 year after Adele’s stand-up debut and was promptly proclaimed the empress of the renowned show called Def Comedy Jam after making the audience go insane of laughter with her down-home, in-your-face brand of comedy. Givens had a successful career playing in comedy clubs and comedy shows on cable television, which eventually led to appearances in television series and films, swept up in an explosion of aggressive urban black comedy that acquired significant popularity during the 1990s. 

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Adele Givens in Def Comedy Jam

Def Comedy Jam led to a long-term partnership with Russell Simmons, which helped Adele earn the label of the queen of humor. From presenting the HBO special The Bad Girls of Def Comedy Jam to hosting the All Stars of Def Comedy Jam and even doing a spoken word piece on Def Poetry Jam, she has done it all. Adele has shown to be an endless supply of talent.

Despite her success, Givens has remained committed to her personal integrity, carefully selecting material and positions that promote respect and positive social change. As her career evolved, she began to blend her comic writing with her love of poetry in order to move beyond standup comedy and into the art of spoken word performance.

Adele Givens’ Success

Adele was shown to the industry that she could surpass any limelight she was given with guest appearances on television shows such as Martin, The Steve Harvey Show, Tracey Takes On, Moesha, The Parkers, and many others. After Adele appeared as a guest star on the hit sitcom The Hughleys, the producers promptly engaged her as a permanent cast member, and Adele remained on the show for the duration of its run. She eventually landed her own TV show called The Adele Givens Show, and Adele played Bernie Mac’s ex-wife in his breakthrough sitcom, Pearl’s Place to Play.

Adele in Grammy

Adele went on to do a half-hour HBO comedy special as well as a half-hour Comedy Central Presents Adele Givens special. Adele’s most successful Queens of Humour tour broke records and ensured that her kind of comedy would continue to be popular long after she departed. Not only was The Queens of Comedy nominated for a Grammy for best-spoken word, but the Showtime special went on to become the network’s most viewed and longest-running special in its history!

Adele Givens’ Film Career

Adele made her unforgettable film debut and gained a whole new fan base as a stripper named Tricks in the film The Player’s Club, and gave viewers sneak peek of as Atlanta D.J. Hollerin’ Helen at her amazing radio skills in the hit film Beauty Shop. However, this comes as no wonder to audience of urban radio, who got to hear her amazing voice on Adele Givens Morning Show and The Crazy Howard Magee on WG, her own morning show on radio. Fans may hear some of Adele’s skills on the syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show, where she had a weekly feature. Adele, unstoppable, is making her mark as a writer. Adele possesses so much untapped talent that it is impossible to predict what she will do next. But one thing is certain: whatever it is, you can be certain that it will be certified gold! ‘Such a Lady!’ says Adele Givens.

Adele Givens’ Present Career

Givens continues to perform her provocative, in-your-face brand of comedy at clubs and festivals across the country. Though she enjoys acting, she is acutely conscious of her responsibilities as an artist and is careful to select roles and materials that are respectful of both herself and her audiences. She is both a poet and a comic, and she has gradually included spoken word, or poetry performance, into her act. Givens is married, and she raised her brother’s sons after he was unable to do so. Her motherhood has strengthened her resolve to perform material targeted at making the world a better place for her children.

Adele Givens’ Personal Information

Full born name: Adele Givens

Nicknames: Adele

Occupation: American comedian, actress

Religion: Christian

Date of birth: 1st July, 1960

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Zodiac sign: Libra

Father name: Lewis Givens

Mother name: Nellie Bell Curd

Sibling’s name: N/A

Spouse/ Boyfriend: Tony

Children: N/A

Adele Givens’ Body Measurements

Adele Givens’ inches measures are still under review. 

Adele Givens’ Bra And Breast Size 

Adele Givens is a renowned comedian, actress whose bra size is still under review. 

Height: 4’10” 

Weight: 65 kgs.

Bra Size: N/A

Cup size: N/A

Body Measurement: N/A

Figure: N/A

Chest size: N/A

Waist size: N/A

Hip’s size: N/A

Dress size: N/A

Shoe size: N/A

Eye’s color: Black

Hair color: Black

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