Albanian website uses James Charles’ photo in Dua Lipa’s article, Details explained

An image that seems extremely similar to James Charles was included in a post made on an Albanian website about Dua Lipa. This has the effect of being both amusing and unsettling. A recent article in the Albanian media included a discussion of Dua Lipa and Spotify. The content in the essay is not very noteworthy, but the main image on the website lends it a personality of its own. It would seem that the website confused James Charles with the musician Dua Lipa rather than utilizing a photograph of the genuine Dua Lipa. The blunder is funny when seen in hindsight, but neither of them can be blamed for confusing the other with themselves in the first place. The featured image was a photograph that had been taken of James Charles after he had been made up to seem like Dua Lipa on purpose.

In his own music video, James Charles attempts to pass as Dua Lipa

James Charles published a video of himself impersonating the artist Dua Lipa in February of 2020, less than a year ago. In the video, James Charles can be seen doing makeup and donning a wig. In the video’s caption, he responded to the long-standing charges that their fan base has levelled against the two of them. The moment has come for me to stop the speculations, and I did so in the video I posted today. I would ask that you not confuse me with Dua Lipa.

Even though people often mistake us for siblings, haha! After reading several tweets and comments stating that the iconic singer of New Rules and Don’t Start Now and I had a striking resemblance to one another, I decided to make an impression on her. The finished output of the video was, of course, what the Albanian website got confused with Dua Lipa and renamed “Indeksonline.” After James Charles has completed his change, the two seem to be fairly similar; it is easy to see how someone may confuse them with one another because of this similarity.

James Charles has, in recent times, broadened the scope of his body of work to include, in addition to the makeovers inspired by Dua Lipa, a number of prank videos. This time, he sported a bald cap and gave the impression to everyone that he had just had a complete head shaving. Others fell for the prank even though many fans suspected it was not true.

Even though it is irrelevant, James Charles was recently at a ski resort, and while he was there, he shared a selfie on Instagram from the slopes. The bald prank was obviously falling flat when his hair started peeking out from under his hat, but he was completely unaware of this development. The James Charles hoax in which he seems to have no hair, similar to the one in which he transforms into Dua Lipa, will be filmed in a video for his fans.

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