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AlbertsStuff is a famous American YouTuber who has a channel named Flamingo. AlbertsStuff has a credible Network, and around 9.3 million subscribers are already on his Flamingo channel. He is terrific at managing double accounts and only the same network. He has another channel name as AlbertsStuff. He is best known for his social engagement with the loyal audience he created with many efforts. He has to YouTube channel, but he took down the primary one for some time due to inappropriate language. He is presently using the Flamingo channel, where he has engaged with 9.6 million people.

AlbertsStuff Early Life 

AlbertsStuff is an American individual who has enjoyed his childhood in New Jersey with his family. AlbertsStuff Grew up in New Jersey on 1997 on 11 June. The details of the family are unknown; however, there are four other siblings. AlbertsStuff never disclosed his early life; however, it is believed that he has a lovely living standard and no health issues. The YouTuber enjoyed skateboarding with family and used to visit beaches with siblings. Three sisters and one younger brother exercise regularly to be active. AlbertsStuff has always lived a healthy life because of his parents, who care about his recovery. However, he still believes that the house has some bad memories and Supernatural activities. A few months ago, he felt pain but did not visit the dentist because of his laziness.

How Did AlbertsStuff Get Famous?

AlbertsStuff mentioned above is a YouTuber with millions of followers on YouTube and Twitter. He has a good fan base on Instagram, where he currently shares a lot of inside videos and endorsements. The content of AlbertsStuff became very popular due to his unique screaming voice and childish behavior. He is a beautiful Roblox player and loves playing video games. However, according to YouTube, his first account got deactivated due to cursing and inappropriate language. In 2017 when his account faced a lot of Criticism, he decided to open a new networking channel where he could use the same content but with a different language. Flamingo was his next YouTube channel, where people visited and became a fan. 

Problems in the videos resulted in differences and social racism, as per the information. The oldest lips of AlbertsStuff were not appropriate as per the current situation that includes racist comments. He took all the videos and made them private to move them to another account.

More About Albertsstuff

There is several fan base account on YouTube that has the exact content of AlbertsStuff to make his videos streaming more popular. However, he is a part of famous YouTubers, and social media stars like to remain in the confined area. He has lovely three cats and shares many pictures because he is an animal lover. He loves having a cat and dog.

AlbertsStuff has stated some amazing stars but has joked about them several times on the YouTube channel. There are many things about AlbertsStuff that people do not know, such as he is claustrophobic and cannot live in a dark area.


AlbertsStuff had impressive body structure during school times. But there was a struggle behind carrying the muscle as his fat metabolism worked very effectively, and he did use the extra calories instantly. However, he recalls when he used to eat food in bulk and still had to face the problem of weight. It was difficult for him to gain weight in the early days; however, he managed. AlbertsStuff song cover, Call Me Maybe, started with the promotion in the school by taking the shirt off on the stage. However, the plan, unfortunately, could not occur because the principal got the information about the event. So the leading man rushed to tell him not to do any such activities that embarrass the audience.

His primary YouTube channel became part of the controversy due to the YouTube policy. He had to decide between abandoning the track. The straight policy of YouTube did not allow him to take the monetary benefit of the ads. He was not paid any revenue for the advertisement and got an age restriction order. Therefore he became part of the application to start a new channel with a different name with friendly content.

AlbertsStuff’s Height And Weight 

AlbertsStuff is 5 feet 10 inches tall and 68 kg in weight. His height has good weight, but he still believes that his fat metabolism creates hurdles to keeping his BMI accurate.

AlbertsStuff’s Dating History

AlbertsStuff’s dating history with different celebrities and rumors about a breakup is pretty standard. However, he has only dated two people till now. The former ex-girlfriend is LanasStuff. The couple what together till 2019; however, they revealed through Twitter that they are no more in relation and breaking up. After the breakup, AlbertsStuff told about his new relationship with high school friend Kristen. The profession of present girlfriend, Christian, is also social content development and has a YouTube channel. For the first time, both attend McDonald’s, and now they live together. See admits that AlbertsStuff is a beautiful man and shares her love by giving him a black ring. 

Full born name: Albert Spencer Aretz

Nicknames: AlbertsStuff

Occupation: YouTuber and singer

Religion: Christianity

Date of birth: 11 June 1997

Birthplace: New Jersey, USA

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Father name: Unknown

Mother name: Unknown

Sibling’s name: Mary and Alexandria

Spouse/ Girlfriend: FoxKirsten

Children: None

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AlbertsStuff’s Body Measurement

AlbertsStuff, from the early time, has had a problem with her metabolism; however, his current measurements are good enough. Still, there is no pretty good information on a label on the measures, but it is clear from the physical appearance and pictures that he is living a healthy life.

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 68 kg

Chest size: Unknown

Waist size: Unknown

Hip’s size: Unknown

Dress size: 9 U.S.

Shoe size: 10.5 U.S.

Eye’s colour: Hazel

Hair colour:  Dark Brown

Natural Breast Or Implants: Natural

Have They Gone Under Knife?

No AlbertsStuff has ever opted for any surgical treatment.

AlbertsStuff’s Net Worth

The total net worth of AlbertsStuff is estimated to be 3 million dollars.


Hobbies: Sketching

Favourite Sport: Basketball

Favourite Food: Burger

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