Alexandra Cooper measurements, bio, height, weight, shoe, and bra size

Alexandra Cooper is from Pennsylvania in the United States, born in 1994 on August 21. She is an Instagram personality and podcast host. The popularity of Alexandra Rose after her relationship rumours came out with baseball star Noah Syndergaard. She has a lot of interests apart from being an Instagram personality as while in the school, she was a soccer player and enjoyed the same opportunity at Boston University. Presently the famous drama that made the headlines was when Alexandra Cooper and another personality Sophia hosted the show called her daddy on April 8. 

Alexandra has a lot of excellent characteristics, and she is also fortunate to play soccer today with famous personalities. Her parents are also proud of her and how she selects the new path and makes Fortune. She is the daughter of Laurie and Bryan Cooper. She has one sister and a brother. Before attending Boston University, and education was at Hometown High School.

How Did Alexandra Cooper Get Famous?

Alexandra Cooper is now 27 years old as she was born in 1994 and has an online channel. In 2016 she was seen as an anchor for the on-air studio with the other personalities. She has also managed to be an intern for the sports jury as soccer pretty much influenced her. Unfortunately, she could not become a soccer player but received a lot of fan followings on Instagram. She has more than one million followers and unique subscribers. Alexandra, in 2018 recorded a call for her daddy show with the co-host and a mutual friend whom she met on vacation in Austin. After making the pairing with Sofia, she on a YouTube subscriber, with 60000 + people watching her show. 

Alexandra has an astonishing degree, and she is one of the Fortune people who visited Boston University. But instead of taking the professional degree, she quit the job to pursue her and trust in making YouTube videos for the channel. So today, she is a content creator, a full-time portion who gives all her energy to media and entertainment.

Alexandra Cooper’s Height And Weight 

Alexandra Cooper is an Instagram active personality who uploads many videos and has an outstanding choice in making content for the audience. She has several times spoken about women’s empowerment and how she began by creating content for YouTube. Her unique skills are attractive, but more than that, her personality itself is an element that makes everyone goes crazy. When she makes a YouTube video, she has a background of a room, but when you travel to a different place, an entire personality is shown.

 Whether in front of the camera or behind the camera, she is exceptional beauty to watch. Any output that she wears for the YouTube channel makes excellent publicity as her 5 feet 8 inches and 60 kg weight is mesmerizing for any product.

Alexandra Cooper’s Dating History

Alexandra Cooper’s Public Relationship became a topic of debate when she was seeing first time with their baseball star. Every person thinks they are dating each other and are Happy Together from the pictures published on the internet. The famous baseball player did not pay much attention to the rumours and did not have any verbal clarification. It is believed that they would start dating in 2017 and work found kissing each other in Madison Square Garden. 

Unfortunately, the beautiful couples are no more together and are separated their parts permanently due to personal reasons. Presently Alexandra is happily enjoying her single life and taking the opportunity to understand more about other people and how to balance her personal and professional life.

Full born name: Alexandra Cooper

Nicknames: Alex

Occupation: Footballer, YouTuber

Religion: Christianity

Date of birth: May 15 1982

Birthplace: Pennsylvania

Zodiac sign: Leo

Father name: Unknown

Mother name: Unknown

Sibling’s name: Unknown

Spouse/ Boyfriend: Noah Syndergaard

Children: Unknown

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Alexandra Cooper’s Body Measurement

Alexandra Cooper has had many moments where she thought that quitting a professional job that she earns from her degree would not help her maintain a lifestyle. But the content that she created for her online followers and liked by everyone helped her have a luxurious lifestyle. She is happy to have a full-time profession as a YouTuber and does not waste any time taking the advice of other people who send that YouTube will not give her a successful life. She is the majority of the time scene making the content or exercising in the gym. 

She has a strict diet and a trainer who does not encourage her to take extra calories. In the gym, she participates in carrying heavyweights to have a perfect balance for her body measurements. Her 36-24-36 is astonishing inches.

Alexandra Cooper’s Bra And Breast Size 

Alexandra Cooper determines every success in her life as a selection she made by making an analysis. She is an open heart girl and does not keep regrets. Life of professional life, she is very demanding in her personal life and also selects every item for the purchase very efficiently. She knows the importance of having items which are necessary but also comfortable. In one video, she encouraged every woman to wear the right correct size bra as it is an essential and subjective topic. She does not have any compromisation while selecting a 34b bra which is exactly the size for her breast.

Height: 5’8″

Weight:  60 Kg

Bra Size:  34B

Cup size: B

Body Measurement: 36-24-36 inches or 91.4-60-91.4 cm

Figure: Hourglass

Chest size: 36 inches

Waist size: 24 inches

Hip’s size: 36 inches

Dress size: 6 U.S.

Shoe size: 6 U.S.

Eye’s colour: Blue

Hair colour:  Blonde

Natural Breast Or Implants: Natural

Have They Gone Under Knife?

Alexandra has rubbed all the rumours raised related to her plastic surgery and lips jobs. She said that if she ever wanted to have a plastic treatment, she would openly announce it on her YouTube channel neither would like to keep it secret from the fans. However, presently, she discourages all such activities that change the person’s features.

Alexandra Cooper’s Net Worth: 

As per her age and profession, Alexandra’s net worth is terrific as she makes 450k dollars each year.


Hobbies: Cooking

Favourite Sport: Football

Favourite Food: Pasta

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