Alexandra Palaiologou measurements, bio, height, weight, shoe, and bra size

Alexandra Palaiologou is a famous actress who has achieved great heights by working in the film industry. She is a female actress born in Athens in the beautiful country of Greece in 1968 on 11th April. She has a rich culture and admires giving extraordinary contributions to television series such as 45m2, safe sex, amore mio love is elephant and more.

She is a complete package of a brilliant actress and a remarkable individual who shares positive ideas and thoughts with the fans. It is magical for the followers to have such a brilliant role model who looks after them during good time and give them brilliant motivation to be fit at every age. Although she has a model height, her figure weight is not available, but it is believed that it has maintained the positive inaccurate according to the index. One can happily take the advice from her account or know about a biography through which people can understand about believing in themselves and focusing on the help at every stage.

Alexandra Palaiologou’s Height And Weight 

Alexandra Palaiologou is brilliantly known for doing some of the greatest movies from different genres. She has a gorgeous face and sharp jawline. She looks much like a supermodel at six feet in height. She is stunning and looks fresh till now. The charming actress has shown her health regime and knowledge in the physical condition field. 

Alexandra Palaiologou’s Dating History

Alexandra Palaiologou was first married in 1998, and the marriage remained for 3.5 years. After which, the couple could not take the relationship further and decided to part away with mutual understanding. The decision was taken into court, and in the presence of the law and charge, the decision was taken, and the couple took a new direction in separate ways. Later the young artist decided to try her luck and find true love. She found a brilliant man, and the relationship went further, resulting in marriage. Unfortunately, they could not maintain their relationship for a long time due to some marriage circumstances. In 2014, the decision came out that she was taking the divorce from Vangelis Mitrogiannis. The couples are separated today and do not have any bad feelings against one another but are happy with their route after ending their marriage.

Full born name: Alexandra Palaiologou

Nicknames: Alexa

Occupation: Actress and Model

Religion: Christianity

Date of birth: 11th April 1968

Birthplace: Athens

Zodiac sign: Aries

Father name: N/A

Mother name: N/A

Sibling’s name: N/A

Spouse/ Boyfriend: Vangelis Mitrogiannis (div)

Children: Unknown

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Alexandra Palaiologou’s Body Measurement

Alexandra Palaiologou is not much vocal about her measurements and has never said anything related to the inches of her assets. She might look extrovert, but concerning personal assets, she tries to avoid the question and does not wants to reveal exact statistics. In the past, the audience was much more furious to know about everything about the celebrities they love and cherish. But these days, the Internet has solved the problem of communication. It is easier to talk to people and send them loveable messages. So the respect for celebrities has increased to the level that has continuously given them the privacy of keeping their details under control. Fans do not make rapid decisions or create confusion for them to know about the measurements. They are pretty much flexible with their acting and their continuous communication. Meanwhile, understanding the measurement of Alexandra is pretty clear from the on-screen presence. She has a brilliant body figure that gives some routine evaluation.

Alexandra Palaiologou’s Bra And Breast Size 

Alexandra Palaiologou’s breast size is much unknown because, as mentioned above, no public report or information on the Internet describes the beautiful actress’s bra size. She prepares her outfit very timely and does not want the designer to add any specifications after selecting the design. Alexandra believes in wearing comfortable products and outfits and making everything sophisticated with the design. The brilliant performer actively finds suitable closing material and wears it according to the occasion. Therefore the astonishing actress can pull any outfit on her body, and her measurements are perfect.

Height: 6

Weight: Unknown

Bra Size:  Unknown

Cup size: Unknown

Body Measurement: Unknown

Figure: Hourglass

Chest size: Unknown

Waist size: Unknown

Hip’s size: Unknown 

Dress size: 6 U.S.

Shoe size: 5 U.S.

Eye’s colour: Hazel

Hair colour: Brown

Natural Breast Or Implants: Natural

Have They Gone Under Knife?

No, there are no highlights about Alexandra involved with any plastic treatment. It has become a trend in the market to change the facial expression with harsh elements by penetrating the Chemicals and using several cosmetic surgeries. But concern to Alexandra, no information describes engagement with the treatment that is taken for the regular changes in the body, especially on the face. In fact, after attaining such an age, she is beautiful, and the reason behind her beauty is the regular habit of eating healthy food and working out without taking any day off. It is much easier to participate in healthy activity than taking plastic treatment.

Alexandra Palaiologou’s Net Worth

The total valuation counted at the end of 2021 describes Alexandra’s capital with no exact amount but with the total assumption of more than 2 million dollars. She is capable of living life independently. Moreover, she is a boss lady who makes good decisions and does not compromise on any subject that puts her value down. She has not faced many struggles but understands the value of earning good in a competitive world and doesn’t want to waste it. She is hard-working but more than intelligent and knows about reasonable calculation and ingenious ways to save money. She is accurate with her budgeting, which helps her make a good fortune with luxurious standards.


Alexandra Palaiologou is a lovable human who likes buying street items with handcraft details. Her one-way stop is beaches with fresh seafood.

Hobbies: Photography

Favourite Sport: Football

Favourite Food: Pizza

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