Alexis Knapp measurements, bio, height, weight, shoe, and bra size

Alexis Knapp’s family belongs to Pennsylvania, born on 31 July 1989. Today, she is 32 years old, and the American actress has appeared in television series and various long seasons. In 1989 when she was born, her parents never thought of Alexis becoming an actress. Her mother always wanted her to grow up and become a doctor. In comparison, her father wanted to pursue her career in the government sector. However, after moving to Los Angeles at the early age of 18, she grew interested in fashion and Hollywood. 

Alexis has always connected to her family and likes to cherish every moment spent with friends and family. Alexis also has two older brothers, Jack and José. Furthermore, she also has a high degree diploma in musical art but was never popular in school.

Alexis Knapp Relationship

Knapp never spoke about her relationship in 2010 with Ryan Phillipe, but their end of the relationship in September made a lot of publicity. After which, she discovered that she was pregnant, and in 2011, she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy daughter. So today, both innovative individuals are co-parenting their beautiful daughters. Apart from this, Alexis has been seen at various social events and fashion shows. Alexis has always admired working with solid and intellectual people. While growing up, she realized the importance of family and a father and mother for a child. 

She never wanted to separate her child from her father, and they decided to pay equal attention to a baby daughter. The reason behind co-operating is Alexis lost her father when she was 15 and knows the importance of having a father figure in a child’s life.

How did Alexis Knapp Get famous?

Alexis Knapp moved to Los Angeles when she was 18 to make a debut and host popular shows. However, she did not receive offers from the director or casting director, but she got an idea about becoming famous on YouTube. So in 2008, she hosted an internet video series, and it earned a lot of views. The show was about video games, and she worked hard to host the internet series. We have also worked as an actress double and model before becoming a host on YouTube. She did not have any film background; it took her a little longer than the others to understand the Dynamics. However, she finally appeared in the new series in a background role. 

She did not disappoint with her appearance as a background artist however acknowledged herself to work even more hard and impressively. In 2015 signed the contract with a sequel with a small cameo. She was part of ABC’s short film super fun night the following year. Alexis went through many additions and finally received one by one and appeared as a cameo artist.

Alexis Knapp Interesting Facts

The actor has something, not the audience wants to know, then a standard biography and public appearance. Alexis’s background is of Dutch, English, Scottish, and German descent. She has two brothers, both are older than her, and she usually calls her brother José a little Indian. Apart from making her acting debut, Alexis worked in a good agency as a model. She has grown to learn and perform for theatre as a dancer and will perform as a singer. We can also play many instruments, and she is trained in musical theatre. Alexis moved to a new place with only 500 dollars in her bag.

Alexi’s first project was as a video host for YouTube, where she interacted with fans and the audience. In 2013 she was directed for Taylor Jaffe, in which Miley Cyrus was also an actress. When she was 18, she also campaigned against sex trafficking and fighting against people who take the girls to such industries. She performs yoga to keep herself away from bad habits and natural temptation. According to her, yoga keeps her fit.

Alexis Knapp Growing Days

Alexis likes having fun with her pets. She has 15 snakes, and she played with them from 7. Her stepmother received temporary custody when she was small, but her friend never returned. So Alexis pleaded with her to keep them and named one of the snakes Kiki. While growing up, she was like a tomboy who used to have a lot of boys as a friend. She likes to hang out with her brother’s friends and always makes fun of other girls. 

While growing up, she also learned karate and classical dancing with her brother. In addition, she is a well-trained musical artist who can play multiple instruments. Alexis started wandering about new Lifestyles when she moved to a new place in California. Los Angeles is about fun and entertainment, and due to this, she became part of the alcoholic group. However, she bravely fought against giving up on bad habits and living on alcohol.

Alexis Knapp’s height and weight 

Alexis Knapp is 65 kgs, and also her height of 5 feet 8 inches balances her figure.

Alexis Knapp’s dating history

Alexis was in a secret relationship with Ryan Philippe; however, they separated after some time but shared a daughter.

Full born name: Alexis Merizalde Knapp

Nicknames: Alex

Occupation: Actress 

Religion: Christianity

Date of birth: 31 July 1989

Birthplace: Avonmore, America

Zodiac sign: Leo

Father name: Bradford Knapp

Mother name: Marjorie

Sibling’s name: Jack as well José

Spouse/ Boyfriend: None

Children: Kai 

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Alexis Knapp’s Body Measurement

Alexis attracts people with her beautiful green eyes and her slim figure of 32-24-34 inches.

Alexis Knapp’s Bra and breast size 

The bra size is 32c, and her breast is 32 inches.

Height: 5’8″

Weight:  65 Kg

Bra Size:  32C

Cup size: C

Body Measurement: 32-24-35 inches

Figure: Hourglass

Chest size: 32 inches

Waist size: 24 inches

Hip’s size: 35 inches

Dress size: 6 U.S.

Shoe size: 6 U.S.

Eye’s color: Green

Hair color:  Blonde

Natural breast or implants: Natural

Have they gone Under Knife?

Any plastic surgeon for making changes has never approached Alexis.

Alexis Knapp’s Net worth

Alexis is a pure talented actor working to make a good net worth in today’s hearts. However, the estimation is 2 million at present.

Alexis Knapp’s Social Media Followers

 Alexis has a strong base in the Instagram audience with 304k.


Hobbies: Dancing

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Favorite Fruit: Banana

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