Alison Kosik measurements, bio, height, weight, shoe, and bra size

Alison’s full born name Alison Kosik was born on the 28th of April in 1971. She is a 50 years old professional journalist hailing from America. Besides being a journalist, she is a business correspondent for the CNN news channel. In addition, Alison majorly covers news regarding the NY Stock Exchange. Alison acquired her high school education from Nova High School, and when she discovered her interest in journalism, she decided to attend American University B.A. Alison is currently working for CNN, but she blazed a trail of her career with KZTV. 

The degree of Alison majored in Mass media and journalism. Alison has impressed people with her journalism skills and her attractive body figure. In addition, Alison’s on-screen presence in contrast to other journalists is impeccable, and this is why she has a handsome follower base on social media. Alison is one of the famous correspondents of CNN, as her skills as a journalist are phenomenal. She makes the Stock Exchange of New York more interesting. If you also love Alison Kosik just like we do, then follow us along to know more about her personal life, dating history, body measurement and journey to stardom. 

Alison Kosik’s Early Life

Alison was born and brought up in Miami, Florida. Her father is named Gilbert Kosik, and her other is named Brenda. Alison was exceedingly good in academics since day one, and her parents admitted Kosik to the Nova High School. Nova High School is a top-rated high school in her locality, and after completing the high school education, she decided to pursue journalism as a full-time professional career. Therefore, she was admitted to a famous University named American University.

Alison completed her college degree in the early 1990s, and her degree has majored in Broadcast journalism. However, rather than just broadcast journalism, her degree correspondingly majored in Political science. Kosik was highly focused on becoming a professional Journalist, and that is why after completing the college degree, she started to seek job opportunities. 

Alison Kosik’s Journey to Stardom

Alison’s, as a journalist, started her professional career by landing a job on television channels like KZTV-TV. For her first job, she had to move to Texas. In Texas, she correspondingly worked for another television channel named KRIS-TV. After acquiring decent experience in the field job, Alison decided to move to Florida for better career opportunities. In Florida, she worked for WPEC TV. After working for WPEC- TV, Alison migrated to Washington D.C. In Washington DC, she acquired a job as a business correspondent. She landed the job of business correspondent for a website named 

The website merely decided to focus on the energy department. The job of business correspondent did not suit Alison well, and WCBS- T.V. hired her as a professional investigative report. Alison left the job due to some issues between her and the company. The famous CNN news channel currently hires Alison. On the CNN channel, she is a business correspondent. Alison currently covers the N.Y. stock exchange, and she is one of the prominent reasons why the N.Y. stock exchange is pretty interesting.

Alison Kosik’s Awards

Alison Kosik has received several awards for her impeccable work in the journalist industry. She acquired the famous award for covering sports news was the Florida AP award. Kosik was a professional fellow of global radio as well. 

Alison Kosik’s Height and Weight

Alison Kosik is a business correspondent working for a famous news channel. Since she is a journalist, her height and body weight are vital in embracing her on-screen presence. Her listed body height is 5 feet 5 inches, and her listed bodyweight is 115 lbs or 52 kilograms. In addition, Alison is a tennis lover, and she has posted a few pictures on the tennis court on her social media.

Alison keeps her body in shape by playing tennis and a proper workout routine, including four gym sessions every week. Besides sports and workouts, Alison prefers a palate and credits her healthy diet for her slim figure.  

Alison Kosik’s dating history!

Alison Kosik never wanted to disclose any of her relationships. But since she is exceedingly famous, she has rumoured to date some famous personalities of the film industry and the journalism industry.

However, amid her professional career, she met Adam Hackett. The couple started to date each other and announced their marriage in 2008. Both Adam and Kosik have been happily married since then. Alison gave birth to their two children recently. Her daughter is named Daisy Mae Hackett, and Daisy has one younger brother.   

Full born name: Alison Kosik  

Nicknames: Ally 

Occupation: Journalist 

Religion: Christian 

Date of birth: Miami Florida, United States 

Birthplace: April 28, 1971 (age 50)

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Father name:   Gilbert Kosik

Mother name:  Brenda

Sibling’s name: Unknown 

Spouse: Adam Huckett

Children: 2

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Alison Kosik’s Body Measurement

Alison is one of the fascinating journalists as she has perfect assets and body measurements. Her body measurement depicts that Alison has a slim curvy figure. Alison has enticed many people with her hot body. Her body is measured as 33-24-34 inches. Her hips are measured as 33 inches, her waistline is measured as 24 inches, and her hips are measured as 34 inches. Alison Kosik credits her workout session and healthy diet for such an enticing figure even now.   

Bra and breast size 

Alison has perfectly structured assets. Her breasts are measured as 33 inches, and she wears a bra of size 36 B with a cup size of B. 

Height:  5′ 5″ (165cm)

Weight: 115lbs (52kgs) 

Breast Size:  33 inches

Bra Size:  36B 

Cup size: B

Body Measurement: 33-24-34 inches 

Figure: Hourglass 

Chest size: 33 inches

Waist size: 24 inches 

Hip’s size: 34 inches

Dress size: 4 U.S.

Shoe size:  7.5 U.S. 

Eye’s color: Hazel 

Hair color:  Light Brown 

Natural breast or implants: Natural 

Has Alison Kosik gone Under Knife?

Alison is 50 years old, but it is exceedingly hard to guess her age by looking at her charming personality, glowing face and sizzling figure. These facts have led to rumours about whether she has undergone plastic surgery. However, Alison has been on camera for a long time, and she has not undergone any plastic surgery as per the professional surgeons. 

Alison Kosik’s Net worth

The net worth of Alison is $2 million 

Alison Kosik’s Favorites

Favourite Sport: Tennis

Favourite Food: Chinese 

Favourite hobbies: Reading

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