All about Jordan Belfort weds Invernizzi

Cristina Invernizzi, well known by her nickname “the Wolf of Wall Street,” is married to Jordan Belfort. She is a well-known actress and model in Argentina. was the first website to reveal that Belfort will be getting married in February of 2021. Belfort, 59, is on his third marriage.

Who is Jordan Belfort’s wife, Cristina Invernizzi?

Cristina is an actress and model. It is thought that she is from Argentina and in her 30s. At the age of 59, she started seeing the guy who would eventually become her husband in 2019, and two years later, in February of 2021, they tied the knot in Las Vegas. Cristina has amassed over 36,000 followers on her Instagram account, where she shares photographs of her modelling work. In addition, she often shares pictures that she and Belfort have taken while vacationing in different locales worldwide. In his speech at this year’s awards ceremony, Belfort paid respect to his “very gorgeous” partner, telling her, “You push me to be the finest version of myself every day.”

Jordan Belfort and Cristina Invernizzi

About Jordan Belfort and Cristina Invernizzi’s marriage

According to reports, Jordan Belfort, also known as the “Wolf of Wall Street,” has tied the knot with Cristina Invernizzi, the woman he has been seeing for the last two years. It was said that the pair tied the knot in Las Vegas in February at a small ceremony only attended by certain family members and close friends. Following their first encounter in 2019, the two travelled to Miami, where they were most recently seen at an event hosted by Les Couleurs Charity at Le Rouge in Wynwood.

According to the sources, Jordan’s new wife, Cristina, was presented to the event attendees. Invernizzi is a model and actress who hails from Argentina. In addition, whispers were going around that they had just moved to Miami. According to the rumour, the 59-year-old Belfort was also claimed to have met Drake when he dined at the Miami version of the famous restaurant Carbone. The two guys were known by their nom de guerre, the werewolves of Miami. The character that Leo DiCaprio plays in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street was inspired by Jordan Belfort’s demeanour, as described in his book of the same name.

The previous relationships of Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort and Denise Lombardo

In 1985, he married Denise Lombardo. Jordan Belfort According to the claims, the two could have had their first acquaintance while attending the same high school. When he married Lombardo, the movie gives the impression that Belfort had an affair with Nadine Caridi. In 1991, when Jordan Belfort divorced Lombardo, he wed Caridi. Before that, he had been married to Lombardo.

Miller Lite used Nadine in a few of their adverts, using her in a modelling capacity. She was originally from England and the Bay Ridge neighbourhood of Brooklyn. During their marriage of 14 years, the couple only had two children: Chandler, now 28 years old, and Carter, who is 25. The relationship between Belfort and Nadine came to an end due to Jordan’s intervention.

Jordan Belfort and Nadine Caridi
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