All You Need to Know About Male Sex Toys

For a long time now, it has been accepted that women can have, and use sex toys, the sex toy market is a brim with all sorts of toys for females to take advantage of and has increased at a steady rate of growth as the Internet has become used by more and more to make online purchases. With the growth of the internet, people have also become more open minded which is great, it means that things like gender equality have become more understood and, with that has seen a better understanding around the male sex toy market but it still seems to be a bit of a taboo subject.

Why were men left behind?

In nearly all areas, gender equality has been the complete opposite yet over the years that gap has gotten smaller and smaller, which means that people are seen more as equals than ever before. When it comes to sex though, and to put it quite bluntly, generally speaking, it takes a woman a lot more stimulation to get aroused and to orgasm than it does for a man. For when the simple action of foreplay can be enough to make them reach the point of ejaculation, the same cannot be said for women and as such research and development into sex toys for females started a lot sooner than it did for men.

Some research that goes back as far as the age of the Romans shows that there were some significant mental health issues surrounding a large number of females who found it nearly impossible to reach the point of climax. Devices were designed and built and then used by doctors to help women who suffered from ‘hysteria’. Today’s world of sex toys like those on offer at from online retailers such as the Secrets Shop are more about explorations and enjoyment as you will see if you take a look what the market has to offer.

The gap is closer now than ever before

Thankfully, there are many sex toys available for men, more so than ever before and it is slowly but surely becoming a growing market itself. Although the process of reaching a, ‘climax’ is generally easier for men that doesn’t mean to say that simple, masturbation can get boring or, for some the urge to get closer to the real thing had seen an increase in things like sexual offences.

There are many benefits to the growth of the male sex toy industry, if we take porn, for example, there has been many a documentary or instance of mental health issues and addiction in all ages of men as the online porn industry has grown, in particular though, young teenagers. The growth of the male sex toy industry has meant that these males who may be, perhaps confused about how sex really works can get closer to the real thing.

Better health for everyone

Everybody should be given the chance to explore themselves and their sexuality when they become of age, and, just because the traditional form of masturbation is what males have become accustomed to, does that really mean that that is the be all and end all of their sexual pleasure alone time? Some of the toys on offer today do boggle the mind a little, but, reviews from happy customers clearly show that there is much more to the subject of pleasuring a male than just a, ‘quick hand job’.

Just like women, many a man has come to learn much more about their sexual orientation and preferences through experimentation, experimentation that was once not on offer or available, now, however, a man can fulfil his greatest of fantasies and explore a wide range of sexual experiences simply by going online and making a purchase. 

Over and out

All in all, the offerings available for men, when it comes to sex toys are really outstanding and a great leap forward for a number of reasons. There have been many a frustrated man that either can’t cum or feels the need to masturbate whenever they see a girl that they feel attracted to. Even more seriously those that have unwantedly committed some kind of sexual offence based upon an uncontrollable urge, some studies suggest that, thankfully, the advancement of the male sex toy industry has seen a decline in sex crime and that of individuals who suffer with mental health issues.

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