Amanda Carpenter measurements, bio, height, weight, shoe, and bra size

Amanda’s lovely parents gave birth to her in Montrose, Michigan. Amanda’s family now resides in Washington. Along with her hubby, Chris, and their kids, Amanda is enjoying a peaceful life. 

Though rumors about Amanda’s association with Ted Cruz were circulating at this point in her professional life, Amanda promised the general public that she and her spouse had a wonderful marriage. After that, the romantic and personal lives of Amanda Carpenter were kept confidential.

The Speaker’s Early Life

Renowned speechwriter Amanda is primarily known by her family name “Carpenter”. After finishing her academic training, Amanda started working as a speechwriter in her early years. In Montrose, Michigan, Amanda was raised. The speaker earned a B.A. in Communication Studies from Ball State University in 2005.

How Amanda Became Popular?

American reporter, author, political commentator, and speechwriter Amanda Carpenter writes books. She became prominent as a result of her work as a political pundit for CNN. A significant example of Amanda’s creative output is her books. 

Amanda served as a communications advisor and a speechwriter for a senator. The political commentator then served as Senator Ted Cruz’s director of communications. The speechwriter had also worked as a correspondent for The Washington Times. 

Amanda Carpenter’s Social Media Presence

On sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and others, Amanda Carpenter has a substantial following.


Photographs and screenshots of Amanda’s magazine covers predominate on her Facebook wall. The speaker will update her Facebook page frequently with information on her work, hobbies, daily activities, and forthcoming tour dates and studio developments. Amanda doesn’t publish many words on any of her social media pages; instead, she posts magazine covers and videos. 


Beyond the typical selfies and postings about her daily experience, Amanda Carpenter is a much more active user of Instagram, including Story Highlights, where she publishes images from concerts, and advertisements of her most recent projects. 

Selfies, regular life routines, and clips from her performances and music videos make up the majority of Amanda’s Instagram. Furthermore, Amanda Carpenter maintains collections of “Story Highlights” from her travels across the world.  


On Twitter, the journalist has long held sway. Amanda has a large following on Twitter, where she regularly reveals personal information as a speechwriter. Amanda’s occupation is quite well-liked on Twitter, and she has gained a lot of followers recently. Given her role in the movie, perhaps we shouldn’t be shocked by her social media savvy. Check out her Facebook wall, Instagram page, and Twitter account if you’re also fascinated by her sporadic videos and postings.

Height And Weight Of Amanda Carpenter

Born on November 20, 1982, Amanda entered her 40th year in 2022. Amanda’s stature is 5 feet 10 inches. The speaker is a woman of above-average height. Also, judging by the height in her images, Amanda may even be fairly tall. However, the exact information about her weight is not yet accessible to the general public. As soon as we learn more, we will ensure the publication of this data. 

The Dating History Of Amanda

Looking into Amanda’s dating history, it seems that she has been dating her high school sweetheart since her school days. Chris Kinnan was her boyfriend and is now an entrepreneur. The former dating pair became newlyweds in 2008.

Full Born Name: Amanda Carpenter

Nickname: Yet To Be Updated

Occupation: Author, Journalist, Speechwriter

Best-Known: Being a CNN Political Contributor

Awards: Lambda Literary Award

Religion: Christian

Date Of Birth: November 20, 1982

Birth Place: Montrose, Michigan, the US

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Father’s Name: Yet To Be Updated

Mother’s Name: Yet To Be Updated

Sibling’s Name: Yet To Be Updated

Boyfriend/Spouse: Chris Kinnan 

Children: 2 Kids With Chris Kinnan (Names To Be Updated)

Ethnicity: White

Nationality: American

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Amanda Carpenter’s Body Measurements

Amanda’s body dimensions are thought to be 35-24-36. The speaker has made an appearance that makes it clear that she can dominate and entice any male in the cosmos. Amanda’s attractive version has helped her to seem enticing and sensual in each outfit that she has worn. The journalist has an appealing form and a wonderful body, which makes her seem stunning on the red carpet in a low-cut outfit.

Amanda Carpenter’s Bra And Waist Size

Height: 5 feet 10 inches or 1.77 meters

Weight: Moderate

Breast Size:  35 inches

Waist Size: 24 inches

Hip Size: 36 inches

Bra Size: 34 C

Cup Size: C

Body Measurements: 35-24-36 

Hair Color: Blond 

Eye Color: Brown 

Shoe Size: Yet To Be Updated

Dress Size: Yet To Be Updated

Has Amanda Gone Under The Knife? Yet To Be Updated

Amanda Was Involved In A Controversy

Amanda once found herself in the center of a scandal over dating Ted Cruz, an American senator, and the attorney for whom she had been working. The speechwriter dispelled the issue and asserted that she has always been devoted to her spouse and that her connection with Ted is business-related. Amanda so clearly demonstrated that the rumor was untrue and fraudulent.

Total Wealth Of Amanda Carpenter

Amanda joined her team as a blogger, writer, and columnist for the Washington Times in 2009 and 2010. The journalist has had roles with CNN, the BBC, PBS, and a few others over her career. Being a CNN contributor takes up Amanda’s time. Amanda has a significant amount of media experience. 

Amanda has undoubtedly accumulated a substantial fortune, with her professional journalistic career accounting for most of her riches. The journalist likes to live a simple life despite her evident wealth. However, because the facts of her assets and responsibilities are still being examined, it is challenging to calculate Amanda’s true net worth.

Besides these, Amanda’s projected personal wealth as of 2022 is more than 350,000 dollars. If she were to launch a career in a new industry, Amanda may be valued at $1 million. By preserving her lifestyle quality with her family, Amanda is however leading a luxurious existence.

Amanda’s Social Media Followers

To learn a lot more about Amanda, you should join her on social media, particularly on Twitter, where she has amassed more than 147k followers.

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