Amber Heard’s bee confession was mocked on TikTok

Amber Heard’s claim that “My dog stepped on a bee” was made fun of by TikTok users, and the video went viral. The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard for libel has been in the news for a long time because of dramatic and upsetting abuse claims. But now, someone on TikTok is crazy about a new piece of information from Heard that has nothing to do with anything else. After a piece of her testimony from May 4 went viral and was shared, people on TikTok started writing rhymes and poems about her.

Heard told the judge

My dog stepped on a bee. Then, she winced as she described a day when she and her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, had a very angry fight. TikTok has become too obsessed with short videos, so they are putting together movies of themselves saying weird rhymes and making funny faces.

Many videos have been made, and each has had tens of thousands or even millions of views. At the beginning of the popular videos, the original footage from Heard’s testimony called “My dog stepped on a bee” is played before TikTokers start reading their poems. In a video with over 6.3 million views, a man can be heard saying, “My dad wants to pee,” right before another user, Cloeann Hardee, sobs, “I lost my home key.”

The viral video

In another video that has gone viral and been watched 2.2 million times, a virtual bee is seen flying through the air. Vinyl Haus made this video. In this video, the bee says that Amber is making up lies about both of them. The popular meme makes fun of a fact from Heard that seems unrelated but comes from another day of scary testimony.

On the same day that Heard said Depp made her do a “cavity check,” she told the jury that her dog had hurt itself, which is why she was at the vet’s office. The actress said that it happened on the same day that they ate hallucinogenic mushrooms while on vacation with their friends at the Hicksville Trailer Palace in Joshua Tree, California.

The accusation made

Heard said that Depp had accused her of hiding Depp’s drugs and that Depp had taken her clothes off and started patting her down. He is also said to have started to yell at her.

He was telling me, ‘We’re going to do a cavity search,’ she said with a moan. She said, “He just forced his fingers into me,” adding that she “just stood there standing at the dumb light” as he twisted his fingers around inside her. She said that he had just placed his fingers inside of her.

When Heard wrote an opinion piece for the Washington Post in 2018 in which she called herself “a public figure representing domestic abuse,” she was accused of slandering Johnny Depp and putting an end to his career in Hollywood.

Heard is fighting back against these claims right now. Even though the article didn’t name Depp, readers were eager to connect the article with the abuse claims. Johnny Depp was a witness in the first few weeks of the case being heard in Virginia. The trial has been put on hold until May 16 and is expected to be over by the end of the month.

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