Amber Heard’s courtroom drinking explanation: water bottle in pocket

A recently posted video showing Amber Heard concealing a water bottle in her pocket went viral. The scene was recorded on camera inside the Fairfax County courthouse where she was defending herself against allegations of defamation brought by her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

The video captures the moment when the actress unscrews the top of her water bottle while chatting with her legal team inside the courtroom. She then quickly tucks the bottle back into her pocket after becoming aware of the presence of a court officer. Another video showed Heard sipping from her bottle inside the courtroom as the case was going on.

Rumours about Amber Heard’s drinking in the courtroom

As the video began to circulate on social media, a number of individuals began to make accusations that Heard had been drinking alcohol covertly from her water bottles while in court. On the other hand, no concrete evidence to back up the notion has been shown up to this point.

Following reports that officials had prohibited the use of bottled beverages within the courtroom, rumours began to circulate that Heard was drinking while the case was being heard. The decision, which was purportedly made before Amber Heard entered the stand to testify, was revealed on social media by the presenter of Law & Crime, Jesse Weber: Other stories stated the bottles were prohibited because they may have been used as missiles when Heard was on the stand. Amber Heard is accused of drinking, and Twitter responds to the charges that she concealed a water bottle in court.

The defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been considered for a long time to be one of the most high-profile court cases in the United States. The matter has received a significant amount of attention from the media and has been a subject of discussion among the respective followers of the two stars constantly.

The recent allegations

Recent allegations made by some people on social media suggest that Heard consumed alcoholic beverages from her water bottle while the defamation hearing was in progress and that she reportedly concealed the bottle in her pocket. The accusation was made not long after another idea stated that the Aquaman actor had used cocaine during her witness hearing on May 5.

Addressing the rumours

On top of that, several people flocked to Twitter to voice their opinions and feelings in connection with the incident, and they pleaded with the police to examine Heard’s water bottles:

It is now unknown whether or not Heard’s team will address the rumours of a cover-up in the days to come, even though responses continue to stream online. The trial pitting Depp against Heard is presently pausing for one week, and it is scheduled to get back up again on May 16. It has been stated that Heard will return to the stand to complete her evidence, and she may also be subjected to cross-questioning by Depp’s legal team.

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