Amber Heard’s wardrobe compared with Dr. Evil’s, Hilarious memes are viral on social media, Details explored!

Amber Heard’s Dr. Evil courtroom appearance in her Aquaman costume has become a viral Internet sensation. Since the beginning of the trial for her defamation lawsuit brought on by her ex-husband Johnny Depp, she has been subjected to a significant amount of attention. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation trial resumed on Monday after being postponed for a week. Depp is suing Heard for $50 million, claiming that she falsely accused him of abusing her in a 2018 article published in the Washington Post. Everything from the actress’s clothing to her facial expressions to her testimony has been online fodder since the beginning of the judicial war.

Internet users find Amber Heard’s “Dr. Evil” outfit hilarious

At the trial that took place on Monday, Amber Heard wore a bottomless dark grey Nehru suit. Nonetheless, internet users have been drawing comparisons between her attire and that of Dr. Evil from the “Austin Powers” films. Throughout the trial, Heard appeared in a manner that was most consistent with his attire. As a result, Heard has, as is customary, become internet meme fodder, with the most recent wardrobe meme going viral worldwide in record time. Even though there are some obvious distinctions between the two people’s attire, the similarities between the two people’s outfits have been the focal point of discussion on social media. As a result, humorous online feedback has criticised Heard for dressing as Dr. Evil in court.

Tweets About Amber Heard Have Been Quite Savage

There’s no denying that Amber Heard has become a meme and has been ridiculed on Twitter and other social media. As more information about the trial becomes available to the general public, the social networking site becomes more flooded with memes relating to Amber Heard. While her facial expressions and testimony have been re-enacted by internet users, establishing a global meme trend in the last few days, this time, it is her grey attire that has gotten the ‘roasts.’ The actress’s facial gesture memes have become the most popular form of internet humour, surpassing even those based on her wardrobe choices.

The allegation that “Amber Heard is lying in court” is one issue that generates the most conversation on the internet. Many people who use the internet believe that the actress has been dishonest about every aspect of the issue from the beginning. Although many individuals believe that the actress played the role of the victim in her failed marriage to Johnny Depp, they now believe that she was the abuser in that relationship.

Heard’s already fragile financial condition has become even more hazardous because Depp’s legal team has just revealed evidence that the actress has not contributed the divorce alimony to charity as promised. This has caused Heard’s status to become even more problematic. Even though she was awarded a divorce settlement of $7 million, she only distributed $3 million of it. After Heard falsely accused Depp of being an abuser, Depp launched a lawsuit against Heard, seeking fifty million dollars in damages.

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