Angela Aguilar responds Gussy Lau leaked photo scandal, Details of the age gap and dating rumours explored!

Angela Aguilar responded on Instagram to the leaked images and romance rumours involving Gussy Lau, writing that she felt “disappointed” and “disrespected” by a friend’s betrayal. This week, popular Mexican singer Angela Aguilar has been in the headlines due to a viral picture showing her hugging composer Gussy Lau. The shot was taken earlier this week. The Grammy nominee is just 18 years old, and Lau (whose real name is Luis Abraham Buelna Vea), so it is only reasonable that their followers are concerned about how their relationship will turn out. Lau has responded to the rumours that her close friend was responsible for leaking the photographs by stating that both she and Pepe and Aneliz Aguilar, Aguilar’s parents, have their full support.

Angela Aguilera responds to Instagram rumours

The teenage artist posted a 6-minute video on Thursday, 7 April 2022, claiming that the invasion of privacy has hurt her love connections and family’s image. She expressed her feelings by saying, “Right now, I’m so sad and disappointed that it pains my own soul.” The wide distribution of photographs for which I did not give permission has damaged the possibility of my privacy and of choosing what to do with my life, body, and image. This violation resulted from the fact that I did not permit to circulate the photographs.

She echoed Lau’s emotions regarding a friend or acquaintance who had shared the images, saying, “It saddens me to have been disappointed by a person who I, honestly, never felt would fail me.” She was referring to the individual who had shared the photographs. According to Aguilar, “this is an invasion of my privacy, of my right to choose,” when it comes to determining “what do I announce, what do I not announce, what do I say, what do I not say, what do I get, what do I not get,” among other personal choices. This violates my privacy and choice.

Who is Gussy Lau?

Composer Lau, who is 33 years old, has worked with musicians like Christian Nodal, Grupo Firme, and Banda Los Recoditos. Lau has also composed music for his band. Christian Nodal and “No Te Contaron Mal” won the Latin Grammy for “Best Mexican Regional Song” in 2019, which was presented to them by the Latin Recording Academy. Mocorito, Mexico, is where Nodal began his life.

Views on Twitter Regarding Their Relationship

There is a lot of anxiety among fans over the age gap, and many people believe that the pair shouldn’t be together since their relationship began at such a young age for her (16). Even though Aguilar would have been 18 years old at the time, Lau said that they didn’t begin dating until the middle of February 2022. After the singer was harassed for being in a relationship with her partner, her passionate fan base has come out to implore her critics to leave her in peace. You can also check beautiful wall prints to decorate your home.

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