Angelique Cabral measurements, bio, height, weight, shoe and bra size

Angelique Cabral is the very talented American actress born on 28Th January 1979 in Honolulu, Hawaii, US. She has offered some of the best roles in various films, which has made her a versatile actress in the film industry. She was born to parents who both belonged to different ancestry. As her Father belonged to Mexican and Native American Ancestry, whereas her mother was of English and French Ancestry. Cabral also has a sibling named Alden. It seems like she had a middle-class family who was happily enjoying their life and living happily in Carmel, CA.

Cabral went to Santa Catalina School of Monterey’s in 1997. Later on, she attended Indiana University, Bloomington, to pursue higher education. She got enrolled in majoring in Musical Theatre and French and was funded through the Wells Scholarship. She was highly passionate about her studies because she wanted to become very successful in the acting industry. Along with education, she continued to work in various sectors like movie, Theatre, Film, and Print.

How did Angelique Cabral get famous?

Cabral started her professional by landing in for the commercial based on United Airlines, which was just six months old. She got a great response because of her excellent skills and was offered to work in various commercials that include Citibank. Captain Morgan, Blue Cross, and Toyota. You will be amazed to know that she has also contributed well in the printed campaigns that mainly include Verizon, Western Union, Fed Ex, and Loestrin. No doubt she has earned good limelight through the commercials, which made her caught of some producers and directors.

It was 2004 when Cabral made her debut in the on Screen appearance for the role of Mrs. Mendez in Guiding Light, a CBS Soap opera. Her work was loved by everyone, which is the reason she was offered for getting appeared as a guest in the various episodes of One Life to Live and All My Children. No doubt that Cabral’s success was touching the sky at these times as she had a good fan base till this time. If you have ever watched the comedy film Friends with Benefits, then Cabral would have been your favorite character. She caught the attention of massive fame from all over the world for her outstanding performance in this movie. Cabral has experienced such success in her professional life, which is really a challenge faced by almost every artist.

Angelique Cabral Height and Weight

No doubt that Angelique Cabral is one of the fittest actresses in the film industry who has offered an endless number of fantastic television shows and films to the audience. This is only because of the confidence she has attained in her life. She claimed that her fit body also motivates her a lot to move ahead. The height of Angelique Cabral is measured at 5 feet 5 inches. If we discuss the weight of Cabral, it is around 59 kg. she has perfectly maintained her weight as she does not miss to workout every single day.

Angelique Cabral dating history

As Cabral is the trendy celebrity, the rumors of her relations revolve everywhere, just like for the other artists. But if we talk about the reality, Angelique Cabral is married to the love of her life Jason Osborn. They have been dating each other for the long time before getting married in 2013. It was May 2017 when Cabral and Jason announced her pregnancy. The couple gave birth to the beautiful daughter in September 2017. The daughter is named Adelaide Grace Osborn, and the family is living a joyful life at present.

Full name– Angelique Cabral

Date of birth– 29th January 1979

Age– 41 years

Occupation– actress

Nationality– American

Horoscope– Aquarius

Spouse– Jason Osborn

Children– Daughter

Siblings– Alden

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Angelique Cabral Body measurement

Cabral has a gorgeous look with the fantastic body measurement of 36-25-37 inches. Her bust size is 36 inches, and her waist size is 25 inches. Every girl has a dream to have an alluring figure like her, but it is really not easy to maintain it. She has a very good fanbase from the audience all over the world, and they are mainly impressed by her body size. The people are amazed that even after facing lots of struggles and having a baby, her body shape seems to be perfectly fine. Cabral believes that her successful career has also been sustained because of the remarkable efforts she puts into her body.

Angelique Cabral Bra and Breast size

Cabral wears a bra of size 36B, and her cup size is B. She has maintained her body in the very effective manner. Her breast size is 36 inches which suit her body and gives her an overall classy look. Everyone is admired by her face and not able to get off their attention from Cabral. By this, you have got a lot of knowledge of how appealing her personality is. Cabral has won the hearts of millions of people not only because of their actions but also by her beautiful look.

Height– 5 feet 5 inches

Weight– 59 kgs or 129 lbs

Bra size- 36B

Cup size– B

Breast size– 36 inches

Body measurement– 36-25-37

Waist size– 25 inches

Shoe size- 7US

Eye color- brown

Hair color- Brown

Natural or breast implant– natural

Has Angelique Cabral gone under the knife?

People have made plenty of speculations on Cabral that she has gone through plastic surgery. This is commonly faced by celebrities who earn a lot of success within a short time. But Cabral has clearly mentioned about this statement that it is utterly false speculation. She had not even thought of making any modifications to her look because she is satisfied by what she has gained naturally. Some of her close friends suggested having plastic surgery on her nose, but she refused because it is the current face and body which has made her attained such good success.

Net worth

The net worth of Carbal is estimated at $15 million, and she really deserves such a huge net worth after lots of struggles in her life.

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