Anthony Anderson helps repair his brother’s home on Celebrity IOU, Details discussed

Every time we see a new ‘Celebrity IOU,’ we feel an overwhelming need to weep. Anthony Anderson thanked his brother Derrick Bowman for his work as an emergency room nurse during the recent coronavirus epidemic on this week’s edition of his popular makeover program titled “Anthony Anderson’s Ultimate Thank You.” Anthony and the other members of “Celebrity IOU,” Jonathan and Drew Scott, renovate Derrick’s childhood house and equip it with modern facilities. On Twitter, many people who like the program and the actor voiced their confusion over why the celebrity’s sibling would live like that.

Who is Derrick Bowman?

Derrick Bowman is the younger stepbrother of Anthony Anderson. Derrick decided to become a nurse, but Anthony wanted to follow in his mother Dora’s footsteps and become a singer. He is now working at MLK Community Healthcare as an emergency room technician. Derrick married Joy Stevenson on February 15, 2014. He had a minor stroke in April of 2015 and was found lying on the floor of his house. He first lost the use of his left side but eventually got it back. Derrick, his brother, and their mom all appeared on an episode of “Celebrity Family Feud” in 2015. To shock his best friend and sibling, 

Anthony Anderson on Celebrity IOU

Anthony Anderson had his house renovated by the Property Brothers. The three work together to renovate his house, transforming it from a shabby shack into a sleek, modern home. Anthony reveals to the Property Brothers that Derrick was in the thick of the coronavirus outbreak. They fixed the roof that was leaking and put in new HVAC equipment. Anthony helps the brothers dismantle and polish the tiles of the slippery floor.

Anthony hired the Property Brothers to transform his brother’s rundown, one-thousand-square-foot house, into a luxury dwelling fit for a celebrity. He had them change the house’s windows and lights at his request. Quickly, the brothers discovered several water leaks throughout the residence. Anthony showed the Brothers the antiquated and non-functioning heating system in residence. They also had to replace the old beams to make the home look bigger. They put a brand new sink and modern porcelain tiles in the bathroom. The brothers in the real estate business then updated the family kitchen and added a banquette. As a further tribute to their family, Drew and Jonathan Scott hung a photo collage of their relatives in the living room. Anthony helped the “Celebrity IOU” pair wreck everything. 

Response from fans to the Celebrity IOU

Many Celebrity IOU viewers were shocked when they saw Derrick Bowman’s house. The three-member family had to make do with dim illumination in their 1,000-square-foot house. As the heating system failed, the roof began to deteriorate as well. A broken window in the house hadn’t been repaired in two years. The whole home has several water leaks. Many of Anthony Anderson’s followers and viewers of “Celebrity IOU” were startled to learn of his brother’s plight. One of them said on Twitter: “I’m trying not to swear at Anthony Anderson through the screen, but crap! You talk about how close you are to your brother and how you have parties at his home like he doesn’t live in a shack. There was nothing mentioned about him by his relatives earlier.

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