Arielle Jean Jackson Southwest Airlines flight attendant assaulted by a woman

A woman named Arielle Jean Jackson was arrested recently after being accused of punching a Southwest Airlines worker in the head while boarding a plane in Dallas. The police say Michael Jackson was arrested at Love Field in Dallas on November 13.

Jackson was taken into custody because he was thought to have done a very bad attack. Chris Mainza, a spokesman for Southwest Airlines, said that the incident happened when people were boarding a plane in Dallas that was going to La Guardia Airport in New York. Police say that Jackson got into an argument with an operations agent in the back of the jet, which is why he was told to leave the plane in the first place. She got into another argument with the second operations agent as she left. The argument turned into a fight, and the woman hit the agent on the head with a closed fist.

Caught on camera

The operations agent was taken to the hospital, where he stayed until November 13 evening, when he was released. Jackson was caught on November 14 and taken to the Dallas County Jail. He was let out of jail after he paid a $10,000 bail. She also didn’t name a lawyer who would look out for her best interests.

After Jackson was arrested, he was put in the care of the Dallas County Jail. She is accused of hurting another person in a very bad way. It looks like the investigation into what happened is still going on, and Southwest is working with the authorities to find out what happened.

The airline ststement

The airline said in a statement on Sunday, Southwest Airlines has a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of harassment or assault, and we fully support our employee as we work with local authorities on this unacceptable incident. Southwest Airlines has a policy of zero tolerance for any assault or harassment. On behalf of everyone at Southwest, we want to wish [the flight attendant] a quick and full recovery and send her our thoughts, prayers, and love.”

Pilot Nick Barelli fought with an unnamed flight attendant on October 18 in San Jose. The fight was about face masks, so the airline gave him a ticket for assault and battery and put him on leave. It was said that the incident was about face masks.

Sergeant Christian Camarillo of the San Jose Police Department told on November 3 that the pilot was being investigated by the office of the Santa Clara County District Attorney for assault and battery but that no charges had been brought against him at the time of the interview.

Since November 9, the Federal Aviation Administration has heard from 5,100 people who say that other passengers were acting badly. They have seen a big rise in the number of times passengers have acted aggressively or threateningly and caused problems with how the plane works. Even though the Zero Tolerance campaign has tried to stop it, the number of incidents like this has stayed pretty high.

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